Anthem lead producer Ben Irving has announced that he is leaving BioWare.

Following the poor reception to the game’s long-awaited Cataclysm mode and months of controversies it is clear that Anthem can’t catch a break, following the latest announcement from Irving.

In a Twitter thread posted on Thursday, Irving announced that he would be leaving BioWare to work at an undisclosed company after having been at the studio for the past eight years. You can view the thread below:

Irving’s departure from the Anthem team is the third departure to date. Producers Mark Darrah and Mike Gamble left the game in May as BioWare shifts their focus on Dragon Age 4.

Irving’s departure does cast some doubt on the future of Anthem as a franchise after a mixed to negative critical reception. Now while Irving did not explicitly state that Anthem is in jeopardy in his farewell, he is essentially leaving behind a team that will still be working on the title, unless Electronic Arts decides to cut funding on it.

Irving did note that community leads Andrew Johnson and Jesse Anderson will be overseeing Anthem following his departure. Both Johnson and Anderson do not have backgrounds as game directors, which many will find odd. In normal instances where a game’s lead producers or directors step down they are replaced by someone with similar experience as Irving, Darrah, or Gamble. It just begs more questions about who is making these decisions, why did Irving decide to leave, and how much longer Anthem will go on for? BioWare has been exceedingly transparent about the fact that they are shifting their gears towards other projects that do not sport the same kind of baggage that Anthem has.

Anthem currently has a 65 on review aggregate site, Metacritic.

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