Rapper Ice-T has joined the cast of Borderlands 3.

Earlier this year it had been suggested that the musician/actor would have an appearance in the open world looter-shooter, but nothing was ever confirmed until recently during a preview event hosted by Gearbox Software.

During the preview event, members of the press got a chance to play the game and confirmation that Ice-T would be voicing Balex. Balex is an AI navigator for a downed ship who had a less than amicable break-up with another AI, and it is up to the players to get his character back to normal. You can watch the video down below to hear Ice-T delivering some lines as the character.

In the video, players get to play as Vault Hunter Moze as she navigates around Eden-6 with Ice-T’s Balex in the background. She is searching for the source of his voice which leads her to a teddy bear called the “Ugly Pink Plushie” that’s been eaten by a dinosaur called the Tyrant. After the Tyrant has been killed and saving Balex, the two wll work together to enter the crashed ship called the Family Jewel while you learn more about his old relationship.

Borderlands 3 is scheduled to launch on September 13th for the Playstation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

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