G. I. Joe

The long history of Hasbro proves that no one outgrows toys, especially not when those action figures come to life on the big screen. The proposed Hasbro Extended Universe is looking to kick things off and grow under Paramount‘s supervision. Thus, a third G.I. Joe spin-off movie is finally in pre-production.

Tentatively titled Snake Eyes, this G.I. Joe spin-off will be directed by Robert Schwentke. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles writing pair Andre Nemec and Josh Appelbaum were hired to pen the script. The two also worked on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which is easily one of the best installments in the M.I. franchise.

The plot was described as an “ensemble piece”, other than that, there are no further details revealed; except for a beloved character will likely join the Joe-niverse. Philip M. Provost, also known as “Chuckles” will be on board as an undercover agent specializing in infiltration work.


Chuckles is an Arkansas native who first appeared as part of Hasbro’s toy line back in 1987. He also appeared in Marvel Comics on the same year with its issue #60. He was part of the US Army’s Criminal Investigations Division, a testament to the age-old saying that no one second-guesses a man named Chuckles.

Nemec and Appelbaum are known for their undercover and espionage writing prowess, having worked on titles such as Ghost ProtocolAlias and Life on Mars. This makes them a top choice for the production executives to work on the G.I. Joe script.

After the admirable success of two G.I. Joes live-action movies—2009’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and 2013’s sequel G.I. Joe: RetaliationHasbro and Paramount are ready to bring another “spin-off” film to the franchise. Both movies grossed $375 million and $302 million worldwide, respectively, enough to churn out money for a third installment but probably not with as high of a budget. Maybe thats due to lack of Chuckles.

Although Chuckles is not the center of the upcoming G.I. Joe film, the project is still in the development stage and could shift over time. Paramount is currently re-developing not just the marquee team but also various spin-offs centered on major characters. Snake Eyes is set to release on October 16, 2020.