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2021: Five Films From The Year Which Went Well With The Fans (But Not With The Critics)

We all know that the audiences and critics aren’t always supposed to be on the same page. This has been the cast this very year, as we have seen several blockbuster hits making a lot of money, but the same films have been criticized by critics.

For instance, Eternals is the first MCU film to get itself a bad score on Rotten Tomatoes but this hasn’t stopped fans from loving them.

5. Tomorrow War (Critics: 52% while Audience Score:77%)

The Tomorrow War
The Tomorrow War

It’s the era of streaming services, a big move from every platform is nothing short of a chess move. Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig were paid $100 million each for two Knives Out sequels. The Tomorrow War was released by Amazon Prime and is a high-concept sci-fi film.

It’s unclear how many people really liked the film as the critics tried to get people away from it. While critics gave a 52% rating, with enough entertainment and action, the audiences gave it a 77% score.

4. F9 (Critics: 59%, Audience: 82%)

"F9: The Fast Saga."
“F9: The Fast Saga”

When we talk about critical acclaim, the Fast and Furious franchise had had a fine run. While the initial 4 films went all ‘rotten’, the movies after that till Fast & Furious 8 were all certified fresh. Unfortunately, this streak was broken by F9 as it had a mere 59% critic score

However, the Fast series has always managed to give fans what they want and F9 did exactly that. With enough action and the crew going into space, the Audience rating of the film went up to 82%.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Critics: 59%, Audience: 84%)

Venom: Let There Be Carnage
Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Just like the first part, Venom 2 is also fun and doesn’t even try to woo the critics. The movie is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, but many critics didn’t find it worth it, thanks to the bad visual effects and dumb jokes.

The audiences have loved the film, with the movie garnering a score of 84% fresh. The film also successfully manages to dive into the relationship between Venom and Eddie. We even saw Eddie being pulled into the MCU at the end – which is actually so much fun.

2. Eternals (Critics: 47%, Audiences: 80%)

Marvel's Eternals
Marvel’s Eternals

Eternals was initially deemed as one of the biggest (and first) failures in the MCU in the past few years. The movie was initially being lauded as the one that could get nominated for Best Picture before it hit the theaters but it was a huge letdown for many.

Eternals was inspired by Man of Steel but having a Rotten Tomatoes score as low as 47%, the audiences loved it as much as any other Marvel film.

Red Notice (Critics: 35%, Audience: 92%)

Red Notice
Red Notice

Ryan Reynolds is known for playing humour-filled roles, and the same applies to Dwayne Johnson and that is the main issue with Red Notice. The film isn’t very engaging and the onscreen charisma of the two actors doesn’t seem enough.

However, the film enjoys a 92% audience score and has been viewed a record number of times – around 70 million in number.

Written by Ryan Lee