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2021’s Greatest Thriller Movies, Ranked

Unlike the usual Romcoms, Thriller movies are different in giving their audience goosebumps and chills. Well, no doubt that thrillers keep the audience glued to their TV screens until the end. With a strong storyline and action-packed performances, thrillers are all set to steal hearts. Eventually, thrillers are definitely more loved than the usual movies. But not all films meet up our expectations, and after watching the movie, we end up regretting it. No doubt the romcoms are the savior at the end of the day, but thrillers add a taste of adventure to our lives. Their storyline sets a different mood for every movie night, with thousands of possibilities coming up.

Azor: This movie held the audience with its incredible storyline and slow approach to unraveling the mystery. This movie even led the critics speechless, and they couldn’t help but bow down to this fantastic thriller. Azor is one of the best international thriller movie of 2021, and honestly speaking, it deserves every bit of the title.

This is surely gonna fascinate you with its slow approach to mystery.

7 Prisoners: This Brazilian movie acclaimed the title of one of the best thriller movies of the year, and even the critics can’t disapprove. The story revolves around a youngster Mateus who moves to the city in the expectation of a job. In contrast, all his expectations prove to be shackled as his boss doesn’t seem to be a good guy and even forces him to do the same. This movie not only aces the title of a thriller but points towards the reality too, which is very hard to touch as a thriller movie.

7 Prisoners
Things will never be the same but the story will become more interesting.

Pig: The best part of this movie is its exciting storyline. What made the film one of the best thrillers is the pitch dark storyline it follows. The story takes an unexpected turn when the lonely Truffle hunter comes to Portland to find his stolen pig. Well, one cannot ignore Nicolas Cage’s acting skills which perfectly blend with the movie’s story. What makes the film worth watching is the uniqueness of portraying the whole scenario. The director Michael Sarnoski couldn’t do more justice to the story. The perfectly shot scenes are a cherry on top of that.

What would you do if your only companion gets stolen?

Judas And The Black Messiah: There is no surprise that this movie is a part of this list. With Oscar-winning performances and a gripping storyline, one is just addicted to this movie. Plus, even critics can’t have enough of this movie which it makes one of the best movies in the thriller genre. The film tells a true tale of the FBI’s hardcore efforts to take down Fred Hampton, the leader of the Black Panther Party. With action and a few heart-wrenching scenes, it is sure to give an adequate dose of adrenaline. Since it’s a clash between the police and the villain, it is sure to be interesting.

Judas and the Black Messiah
The mystery will unravel when FBI gets in the way.

The Tragedy Of Macbeth: William Shakespeare’s works are eternal, and innumerable adaptations are a testimony to the fact. But no doubt, the movie has ruled all of its previous versions. And we can’t help but love the movie for its outstanding performances. Unlike its counterparts, its earlier adaptation, this movie follows a simplified version of the great work. This unique quality impressed the critics so much that it has become one of the best thriller movies of the year.

The Tragedy Of Macbeth
The legend returns with more thrill.


Written by FandomWire Staff