2024 Emmys Set To Be First Award Show To Honor Matthew Perry After ‘FRIENDS’ Star’s Tragic Death

Matthew Perry may be gone from this world, but his onscreen performances have allowed him to be honored even after his death.

2024 Emmys Set To Be First Award Show To Honor Matthew Perry After ‘FRIENDS’ Star’s Tragic Death


  • The 75th Emmy Awards will reportedly be paying tribute to the late Matthew Perry.
  • This would make it the first-ever to honor Perry after his death.
  • However, the FRIENDS cast may not be present for the reunion at the event.
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Matthew Perry was one legendary actor who was widely commended throughout his entire career and is now even being commended after his death. Yet another one of those actors who displayed utter brilliance in his works, Perry may be gone from this world, but his onscreen performances will continue to live forever and appease his fans.

Matthew Perry (via @MatthewPerry / X)
Matthew Perry (via @MatthewPerry / X)

This is why this year’s Emmy Awards ceremony will be honoring him, even as he is gone. According to reports, the late FRIENDS star would be paid tribute to at the 2024 Emmys. This would make the award show the first-ever to honor Matthew Perry after his devastating death late last year in October 2023.

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2024 Emmy Awards To Honor The Late Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing
Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing

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The late Matthew Perry delivered some of his best performances in the 1990s superhit sitcom FRIENDS, and that would be the exact thing that would allow him to be honored at the soon-to-commence Emmy Awards 2024 ceremony.

As shared by The Associated Press, the 75th Emmy Awards will bring forward multiple cast reunions and recreations of some of the most iconic moments of numerous fan-favorite TV shows throughout the history of television.


Although the FRIENDS cast may not be present for the reunion, as can be deciphered from the Emmy show’s producers’ statement for fans to not expect a reunion of the cast of “FRIENDS,” the show would still include some tribute to the Chandler Bing portrayer.

This would, notably, make the 75th Emmy Awards the first-ever award show to honor Matthew Perry, after his shocking demise in October last year, i.e. 2023, which left fans from all around the globe utterly devastated.

What’s more, is that this tribute to Perry and other shows wouldn’t be one that starts to feel like a “repetitive trope” to the watchers. Instead, it would include each segment of each show in a different and unique manner to keep the viewers’ attention.


Jeannae Rouzan-Clay from Jesse Collins Entertainment, who would be one of the executive producers of this year’s Emmys, told the AP:

“We want to make sure people remain entertained and engaged so you never really know what you’re going to see, even with the reunions.”

From what can be derived from this, Matthew Perry will be honored at the Emmy Awards 2024 even after his death, and it wouldn’t be just any tribute, but a rather special one, as can be expected from Rouzan-Clay’s statement.

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All The Shows That Will Get “Special Treatment” At The 75th Emmy Awards

Grey's Anatomy is one of the shows getting special treatment at Emmys 2024
Grey’s Anatomy is one of the shows getting special treatment at the Emmys 2024

The Associated Press further reported names of a few of all the shows that will be given “special treatment” at the 75th Emmy Awards, which will be taking place at the Peacock Theatre in Los Angeles.

These include popular shows like the ones from the 1950s to 2000 like I Love Lucy (1951), The Carol Burnett Show (1967), All in the Family (1971), Cheers (1982), Martin (1992)Ally McBeal (1997), and Sopranos (1999).

Then there are the shows that came after 2000, including Game of Thrones (2011) and some still airing shows like American Horror Story (2011) and Grey’s Anatomy (2005). Some bits from Saturday Night Live (1975) and The Arsenio Hall Show (1989) will be making their way into the show as well.


All in all, this year’s Emmy Awards can be expected to be nothing short of a spectacular sight for all the die-hard TV series and Matthew Perry fans. Tune in on Fox on the 15th of January, 2024 to watch the live airing of the event.


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