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“This preview gave me goosebumps!”: 20th Century Studios Releases a Fire New Trailer for Stephen King’s ‘The Boogeyman’

“This preview gave me goosebumps!”: 20th Century Studios Releases a Fire New Trailer for Stephen King’s ‘The Boogeyman’

The first official trailer for Stephen King’s The Boogeyman adaptation is here and it will absolutely send chills down the spine. One of the scariest stories from the King of Horror, The Boogeyman will unveil the monster that comes for your children when you are not around.

The Boogeyman
The Boogeyman

The story is based on the 1978 short story of the same title. Rob Savage will helm the movie, while Black Swan screenwriter Mark Heyman and A Quiet Place writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods will work on the script.

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Stephen King’s The Boogeyman Trailer Is Out And It’s Terrifyingly Scary

Based on the trailer, The Boogeyman does not accurately adapt the novel; instead, it serves as a sequel following two daughters of a psychiatrist. Sadie and Sawyer Harper deal with the loss of their mother while enduring a stressful relationship with their father. Unluckily, an unexpected drop-in will bring the boogeyman into their house, forcing the teenage leads to fight and survive.

The story is told from a unique perspective wherein a patient claims to be the target of a supernatural being. He said that the boogeyman cursed his family and went after his children. The man is convinced that there is foul play in the death of his kids and that the legend of the boogeyman is true. As a person of science, the psychiatrist dismissed the patient’s story until a new target has been found.

Stephen King
Stephen King

The trailer clearly wants to honor King’s classic horror tale. Monsters hiding inside closets or under the bed sounds very common, but this adaptation will make the experience one hell of a ride. Over the years, fans have seen several movies based on King’s works, but this might be the most terrifying of all. Check out the trailer below:

The cast includes Sophie Thatcher, Vivien Lyra Blair, Chris Messina, Marin Ireland, Madison Hu, LisaGay Hamilton, and David Dastmalchian. Meanwhile, Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, and Dan Cohen will produce the film.

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Fans Are Hyped Over The Boogeyman’s Official Trailer

The Boogeyman
The Boogeyman

The movie took a while to be adapted on the screen but based on the preview, the long wait is definitely worth it. Fans expressed their enthusiasm after watching the official trailer for Stephen King’s The Boogeyman. Check out their tweets below:


The Boogeyman film aims to expound the narrative of King’s literary piece. The short story did not have an expansive plot, and while the movie claims to be a loose adaptation, it will add new details and scenes that were never in the book.

The Boogeyman will arrive in theaters on June 2, 2023.

Source: Variety

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