21 Cancelled TV Shows That Ended On Cliffhangers

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Usually, the makers end the TV shows with a satisfying ending. But, there are some shows that got shelved wherein the makers left the audience with a question mark in the season finale. Here are 21 cancelled TV shows that ended on cliffhangers.


1. Hannibal

The poster of Hannibal

Hannibal ended on a cliffhanger. In Season 3, we saw Hannibal’s true colors, and then we saw him escape with his friend, Will. Finally, the show ended with Hannibal and Will falling from a cliff after a fight at an Italian oceanside cliff. But, fans want to see whether Hannibal survived or not.

2. Mork and Mindy

Their chemistry is too good

It is one of the oldest T.V shows that ended on a cliffhanger. In the season finale, Mork is exposed as an alien. Mork and Mindy try to run away from an enemy using a time travel machine, only to end up in the prehistoric age. And the last shot is a cave painting of Mork and Mandy. There isn’t any clarity on this even after 40 years of the show.


3. My So-Called Life

The main cast of My So-Called Life

It’s everyone’s favorite 90’s T.V series. In the final episode, Brian realizes that he loves Angela. By the time he realizes this, Angela and Jordan get together.

4. The Event

The poster of The Event

In the season finale, the protagonists save earth from an alien virus. But, the alien’s world teleports into the earth’s orbit. The show ends with a twist of Christina Martinez claiming herself of being an alien informer.

5. Pitch

Kylie Bunbury as Ginny Baker

The season ended with the star pitcher, Ginny Baker, injuring her elbow and keeping her future with MLB at stake.

6. Pushing Daisies

A still from Pushing Daisies

In the season finale, Chuck says to his aunt that she’s still alive.


7. Moesha

The main leads of Moesha

After a successful six-season run, the show ended on a hilarious note, with a pregnancy test found in Moesha’s room.

8. I Am Not Okay with This

Sofia Lillis, Wyatt Oleff, Sofia Bryant, and Richard Ellis from I Am Not Okay With This

The makers ended this show with a big loose end, where Sydney meets a strange man after killing Brad with her powers.

9. Heroes

The poster of Heroes

This show ended after four seasons with a massive cliffhanger. In the end, Claire opens up about her powers to the world.

10. GLOW

A still from GLOW season 3

In the final episode, Debbie gives an offer to Ruth to direct GLOW on TV. But, Ruth politely turns down the offer. I wish there will be GLOW season 4.

11. Finding Carter

A still from Finding Carter

This show left everyone with a question mark wherein the final episode Max surrenders to cops after Jared’s death.


12. Run

Domhnall Gleeson and Merritt Wever from Run

This show got cancelled after just one season. In the end, Ruby goes with her family by leaving Billy before he gets arrested

13. Angel

The poster of Angel

After a successful five-season run, the series got shelved in 2004. The show ends on a heroic note where our heroes get ready to fight a large army of creatures.

14. Southland

The cast of Southland

The show ends on a tragic note where John Cooper gets into a fight with his neighbors and gets shot by a fellow police officer. We want to know whether he survived or not.


15. Veronica Mars

The poster of Veronica Mars

This show got cancelled after three seasons. In the season finale, Veronica breaks into Kane’s safe house, and Dad Keith damages the evidence to save Veronica.

16. FlashForward

Joseph Fiennes as Agent Mark

The maker decided to end this show after just one season. The show ended with the world in blackout and the FBI building exploding with Mark being locked inside.

17. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The poster of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The show ended with a strange cliffhanger where Sarah’s son John sent into the future, leaving Sarah in the present.


18. Freaks and Geeks

The cast of Freaks And Geeks. From l-r: James Franco (as Daniel), Linda Cardellini (as Lindsay Weir, front, green jacket), Seth Rogen (as Ken Miller, plaid shirt), John Daley (as Sam Weir, front blue striped shirt), Martin Starr (as Bill Havenchuck, back wearing glasses) and Samm Levine (as Neal, far right).

At the season’s end, Lindsay gets down the bus and follows the Grateful Dead on tour instead of going to the summit.

19. My Name is Earl

The cast of My Name is Earl

The audience were left with a question: ‘Who’s the father?’. It’s been twelve years but, the next season never got materialized.

20. Kyle XY

A still from Kyle XY

The show ends with a mind blending twist where Kyle finds out his enemy is his brother. But, the show didn’t continue.


21. Joan of Arcadia

The cast of Joan of Arcadia

This show only got two seasons. At the end of season two, God alerts Joan that there’s a big challenge ahead, followed by the end credits. The audience is never going to find out what’s that challenge.


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