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21 Disappointing TV Shows That Had Potential

There have been shows that began well and were appreciated by the audience. However, these 21 shows soon turned into nothing but sheer disappointing shows. So, the 21 Disappointing TV Shows That Had Potential are :

1. Dexter did get back on track in season 7. However, it all didn’t last for long when the show derailed in season 8, and none of the characters had a satisfying arc.

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2. That ’70s Show started to fall apart after Eric Forman departed from the sitcom. After this, Grace left as well. 

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3. The writer strike in 2008 contributed to the Heroes falter. Moreover, the show experienced a major dip in the ratings during the final two seasons.

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4. Riverdale had poor writing and is cringe rather than serious or dark.

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5. Danny Phantom couldn’t continue due to its bad marketing strategy and went on to overspend the budget. But it didn’t take long for Nick to realize the same, and soon canceled the series.

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6. How I met your mother has a disappointing ending. Also, the fans do not like how the character’s development got worse with the upcoming seasons.

21 Disappointing TV Shows That Had Potential Watch How I Met Your Mother Season 1 | Prime Video

7. The ending of Scrubs was so abrupt that the fans refuse to accept that it even happened. Moreover, the show had changed radically, and most of the characters had left.

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8. Freaks and Geeks got unaired after 18 episodes due to the conflicts between the creators of the show and NBC. However, the ending of the show was disappointing on its own.

 21 Disappointing TV Shows That Had Potential Prime Video: Freaks and Geeks

9. The show The Walking Dead took off well in the beginning. However, it didn’t take long after Darabont’s departure for things to start falling apart.

21 Disappointing TV Shows That Had Potential The Walking Dead: Origins Series Poster Released

10. The last season of True Blood seemed to be rushed and was not laid well. 

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11. After nine successful seasons of the show King of Queens, the show got canceled as they experienced a drop in viewership and other disputes.

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12. Homeland was not shaped well and didn’t have an arc. As a result, the show went downhill after the first season and turned into a pretty cliché show.

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13. Smallville is one of the 21 Disappointing TV Shows That Had Potential, with the most disappointing ending.

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14. American Horror Story finale is considered to be the worst because Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters won’t return. The show had poor storytelling and every season had something that didn’t connect with each other.

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15. The biggest disappointment for the fans was when the horror-comedy Scream Queens came to an end. Despite the lazy and unfit ending as well as the dip in the ratings, after Season 2 there were some funny moments too.

Ariana Grande Update ???? on Twitter: "Ryan Murphy confirm that Scream Queens will return season 3 and he basically followed Ariana Grande last week… "

16. The United States of Tara experienced poor ratings in comparison with other shows on the network. After promising seasons, the biggest disappointment for the viewers was the show’s cancellation itself.

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17. Game of Thrones got ruined by its own ending too and the blame is on the writers. The show experienced a shift in priority, ultimately ruining the show.

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18. The audience loved the first three seasons of the show Arrested Development but couldn’t really enjoy the next two seasons. 

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19. Lost had a very unexpected ending, and none of the mysteries of the Island were answered.

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20. Gilmore Girls became a disappointment for many in the last season. A lot got changed during that season, and things went all over the place.

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21. Sons of Anarchy had many loose ends and couldn’t tie it up due to poor storytelling.

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