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21 Heartwarming Scenes In Dark, Gritty TV Shows We Bet You Never Saw Coming

An unexpectedly dark, gritty scene from the favorite TV shows changes the total perception of the show. It gives new dimensions to the plot. These 21 heartwarming scenes from the TV shows elicited a significant emotional reaction from the audience for the right reason.

When Sheldon finally confessed his love for Amy on The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory': Showrunner on Sheldon-Amy Sex Storyline - Variety
Sheldon confessed from all his heart

When Ann told Leslie she won the election by 21 votes on Parks and Recreation

9 'Parks & Rec' Compliments Leslie Gave Ann That All BFFs Should Say to Each Other
Leslie and Ann bestfriends forever

When Mindy found out she is pregnant, and Danny was unexpectedly very happy for the new change

The Story Behind Mindy's Life-Changing Ending on 'The Mindy Project' Series Finale | Glamour
Mindy and Danny shares an intimate conversation

When Casey finally finds out her sexuality and came out of the closet and confessed her identity to her boyfriend on Atypical

femslash daily on Twitter: "Casey & Izzie (Atypical)… "
Casey and Izzie realized their love for each other

When Jane became pregnant from because of the Nurse’s mistake on the Show Jane The Virgin

Non-pregnancy, parenting, and what I learned from Jane the Virgin | by Gulnaz Saiyed | Mixed Company | Medium
When Jane found out she is pregnant

When Jim confessed his love to Pam and kissed her, Pam kissed him back without saying anything in the The Office

The Office Wanted to Divorce Jim and Pam in Final Season
When Jim and Pan realized their love for each other

When Phoebe’s wedding planning was going all wrong and her friends jump in and planned her dream wedding on Friends

How Much Do You Know About All Of The Weddings On "Friends"?
Phoebe’s dream wedding

When Aimee friends supported her, when she was scared to travel from the bus on Sex Education

Sex Education: Why Adults Too Should Watch This Teen Show - SheThePeople TV
Aimee and her friends for her support

When Devi told how much so loves her mother and called her “The Best Mom in the World” on Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever Season 3: Netflix Renews Mindy Kaling's Desi Teenage Series | Entertainment News
Devi and her mom awkwardly staring

When Stefan reunited with his best friend Lexi in the afterlife on The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Lexi ♥♥♥ | Damon salvatore vampire diaries, Vampire diaries cast, Vampire diaries
Damon and Lexi hugging each other

When Fleabag goes to the church just for one reason that is to see the priest, since they were attracted to each other on the show Fleabag

Fleabag Recap: What Happened in Season 1? - Den of Geek
What is the catch in the name?

When Sam told his family that he is moving out of the house as he has grown and his condition should not effect him in anyway on Atypical

Atypical' returns to Netflix for third season despite controversy – The Signal
Sam’s decision to be normal is completely normal

When Patrick confessed his love to David by singing a ballad for him publicly on Schitt’s Creek

David and Patrick's "Schitt's Creek" Love Story: A Timeline | NewNowNext
Patrick teasing David with his song

When Jill finally accepts her faith with Andy and tries to move on in her life on Mom

Vince Scuba Jacket worn by Jill Kendall (Jaime Pressly) in Mom (S06E15) | Spotern
Finally Jill can move on

When Ted’s children made him realize how much he loves Robin on How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother Revealed Ted & Robin's Breakup In A Flash-Forward
Ted and Robin looking at each other

When Caroline and Max finally opened their cupcake shop after years of struggle on 2 Broke Girls

TV Q&A: Who watches '2 Broke Girls'? | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Max and Caroline being true self

When his father scolded him and he felt very low but Missy comforted and cheered him Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon" A High-Pitched Buzz and Training Wheels (TV Episode 2018) - IMDb
Missy comforting Sheldon

When Ginny wanted Marcus to confess their relationship to her friends, he left the place without even noticing her on Ginny and Georgia

Ginny and Georgia all episode free download with subtitles Hd Print - Everything Radhe Radhe
Having a bad thought?

When Sutton proved everyone that she belongs to Fashion Industry on The Bold Type

The Bold Type on Freeform: Cancelled or Season 2? (Release Date) - canceled + renewed TV shows - TV Series Finale
Breaking all the conventions

When Charlie allowed his brother Alan to live as long as he wants in his house on Two and a Half Men

Two And A Half Men: 10 Hidden Details About Charlie's House
Charlie and Alan

When Miriam got the golden opportunity to introduce Shy Baldwin and go with him on a trip on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvellous Mrs Maisel season 3 review: This one will give you a sugar rush - Hindustan Times
A self independent woman

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