21 Movie & TV Actors That Went Out of Character & Flipped The Script

21 Movies & TV characters that went out of character, forever ruining them
Here are the list of 21 movies and TV Characters where actors were not themselves
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Eventually, even the best actors break on camera revealing their genuine reactions and true selves in some specific moments. The filmmakers still keep those moments rather than making it a blooper. Here is the list of 21 Movie & TV Characters that went out of character, flipping the script


1/21. Harry and Marv from Home Alone, hung Kevin on the back of a door. Joe Pesci as Harry gets a little too intense in the character as he actually bites on Kevin’s fingers leaving a lifelong scar on the boy’s hand.

Harry bites the finger of Kevin
Marv and Kevin

2/21. Diego of “The Umbrella Academy” was such a great character in the first season but in the second season, he turned into his former self and was often used for comic reliefs.

Scene from The Umbrella Academy

4/21. In Season 6, it was felt like Elena from The Vampire Diaries, was not herself anymore and she was becoming more toxic like Damon than being the Elena we knew.

Elena on Season 6

5/21. In a scene where Mark Hanna of “The Wolf of Wall Street” channeled his own ritual that he actually used for calming himself down before any movie role he played.

The wolf of Wall Street
Mark Hanna

6/21. At the ending of Alan Rickman’s “Die Hard” movie, his face was in shock when he was falling from the top of the building. It was because Rickman was said that he would be dropped at the count of three but the actor was released much earlier than that.

Alan Rickman Falling from the Building
Alan Rickman

7/21. Rachel of “FRIENDS” was always portrayed as a self-independent woman. But when she got off the plane to be with Ross rather than going to Paris for her job, it didn’t feel right for her personality.

Rachel Green of FRIENDS

8/21.  Matt’s existence of “The Vampire Diaries” was unclear in the subsequent seasons. He became a caring brother, a boyfriend, and then a vampire hater which doesn’t make any sense. It was because the creators didn’t know what to do with his character.

The Vampire Diaries show
Matt Donovan

9/21. There was a scene where Williams of “Good Will Hunting” was telling a story about her wife farting, which was completely unscripted.

Robin William
Robin William

10/21. McFly of “Back to the Future 3” allowed his body to dangle free on the rope, where a miscalculation made the actor caused him to actually choke himself to the point where the actor needed to be hospitalized.


11/21. Will Smith in “Bad Boys 2” puts out a gun in a scene where Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were confronting Reggie, which was completely unexpected by the young actor and he got terrified.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on a Scene of Bad Boys 2
Bad Boys 2

12/21. Leslie Brown of “The Turning Point” was supposed to place a drink down in the bar instead she throws it in Shirley MacLaine’s face. MacLaine’s shock was natural.

Leslie Brown movie scene
Leslie Brown

13/21. Washington of “Glory” had to go through real whips over and over again to show the actual emotions and struggle.

Washington on the Movie Glory

14/21. There was a scene of five criminals and one suspect that was about to be a serious shot. But due to Benicio Del Toro’s continued farting, all the actors couldn’t stop laughing.

 The Usual Suspect scene
The Usual Suspect Casts


15/21. Stallone on “Rocky 4” wanted Dolph Lundren to give it everything he had, but Stallone was hit with a punch so hard that he was transported to the hospital by helicopter.

Stallane on Rocky 4
Rocky 4

16/21. Due to the excessive takes of intense scenes, Shelley Duvall on “The Shining” was verbally ridiculed and tortured. Her stress crying and emotions were all real as she tried to escape the horrors.

Shelley Duvall on the horror movie The Shinning
Shelley Duvall

17/21. Viggo Mortensen in “Lord of the Rings” dramatically kicks a helmet in a scene and falls to his knees and screams. His reaction was all real as he broke his toe while kicking the helmet.

Viggo Mortensen on the Lord of the Rings
Viggo Mortensen

18/21. Steve Carell on “The 40-year-old Virgin” had no other choice, but to get his chest hair waxed during a scene to show the pain in a comedic way.

Steve Carell comedy scene
Steve Carell

19/21. In “The Exorcist” very famous scene, where the girl vomits on the priest’s face, which left the priest in shock. The priest was told that the puke will only launch to his chest, not his face, and the reaction was all real.

The Exorcist 1973
The Exorcist

20/21. Edward Norton accidentally punched Brad’s ear on “Fight Club” where he was supposed to punch his shoulders. Brad Pitt’s reaction was 100% real.

Fight Club scene
Brad Pitt

21/21. In a scene, Michael Keaton on “Birdman” was forced to walk around Times Square just wearing his underwear. Time Square was full of public and everyone started to look at him with complete shock and were making videos of him.

Michael Keaton's movie scene
Michael Keaton



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