21 Movie Twists So Disappointing You Had To Shut The TV

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The following list of some of the worst plot twists in the history of cinema contains SPOILERS. We consider it an act of public service to inform you beforehand. 



What does it take to ruin an otherwise excellent movie? The answer my friend is a bad plot twist. They can literally make or break a movie. The ending part of a film is always its most important part. We have all been there. Enjoying a perfectly practical movie of our favorite genre and bam! The plot twist makes us regret the whole idea of watching that movie.


Taking a look at some of the films that tried too hard with the plot twists, here are 21 of them which made us feel robbed of our precious time.

1. In Us, when it turned out Red and Adelaide had switched places, and her son somehow knew

Were we supposed to know that her kid knew she was a tether before?


2. In Shutter Island, when it was exposed that Teddy was actually Andrew Laeddis, a murderer and psychiatric patient.

The trailer of Shutter Island gave away more than it should have and made the story a bit predictable

3. In Sixteen Candles, when Jake showed up to be with Sam.


We all rooted for Sam to get with Famer Ted but met with this twist

4. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, when Deadpool who was assumed to be dead, returned as the mutant killer Weapon XI

They shouldn’t have introduced Deadpool the way they did in X-Men: Origins


5. In Antebellum, when Veronica escaped the plantation only to discover she had actually been in a civil war reenactment park

We all waited for the film to get better but the film didn’t seem to have any kind of narrative framework.

6. In Weathering with You, when Hina sacrificed her life for the greater good but Hodaka decided to bring her back, dooming Tokyo


The movie was going so good, had us in tears but then Hodaka acts super selfish and the next thing we see is Tokyo submerged in water.

7. In Then Came You, when Skye dies and nothing ever happens between her and Calvin

Calvin ends up with some random flight attendant and we never get to see anything between him and Skye


8. In Glass, when actual superhuman David Dunn was killed in a puddle

Imagine waiting years for the conclusion of a saga and seeing the protagonist die in a mud puddle

9. In Frozen, when Hans turned out to be the bad guy instead of Anna’s true love


Disney films now like crime shows. If there’s a character with a big role that isn’t playing a big part of the story, they’re probably dodgy.

10. And in Frozen 2, when Elsa’s mom appeared and unveiled that Elsa was the fifth spirit

Frozen 2 simply had a terrible plot and we can all admit to that.


11. In The Village, when it turned out it was modern times and the “monsters” were just members of the village

12. In The Notebook, when it turned out the old couple were Noah and Allie and then they died together

13. In Toy Story 4, when Woody decided to leave all his friends to stay with Bo Peep


14. In Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker, when it was revealed that Rey was a Palpatine

15. In Wonder Woman, when Sir Patrick was revealed to be Ares

16. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, when Voldemort died via his skin flaking off


17. In Gone Girl, when Amy returned and told Nick she was pregnant

18. In Split, when The Beast was revealed

19. In Remember Me, when it was revealed to be Sept. 11 and that Teddy was at the Twin Towers


20. In The Goonies, when Rosalita discovers Mikey’s marble bag filled with gems, meaning the Goonies didn’t have to move

21. In Hide and Seek, when David finds out he’s Charlie

What was the most disappointing plot twist you ever saw in a movie? Share with us in the comment section below!



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