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21 Sad Tv Scenes That Were Also Beautiful

21 Sad Tv Scenes That Were Also Beautiful

Some series make you laugh, others make you cry. In this article we are going to discuss about the ones that have done both. Recently, we have made a list of the most remorseful underrated tv scenes. But so many of the scenes were salt and pepper moments — here are some of the best bitter and sweet TV moments!

WARNING: Spoilers ahoy! Also, some discussions contain topics of death.

 1. When Stefan died and was reunited with Lexi on The  Vampire Diaries:


“I still rub my eyes when Stefan sees Lexi in the serial finis after he forfeits himself. Most of it is due to the mellow song ‘Never Say Never,’ which plays in the ambience of the image and makes it so emotionally charged; from that point on in the show, I just weep the whole time. The emotional symbol is unmistakably referenced.”

—oliviastyles1c33, talks about sad TV scenes.

2. When Jason wanted to go through the door first on A Good Place, he said:


“As soon as Jason finished Madden, I started sobbing cause I knew what was about to take place. I didn’t stop seeing until the episode was over.”


“I started sobbing as soon as it came to my knowledge that Jason knew that he was ready to move out (just a few moments in) and I didn’t pause for the next two hours. Never in my life have I cried over a  mellow film, book, or television episode. It was flawless, but I doubt I’ll be able to watch it again.”


3. When Homer came back to the power plant to support his family and put pictures of Maggie to remind  why the picture was worth it on The Simpsons, he said:


“Homer leaves his job, and has to ask for it back. Burns does by providing him with a plaque that reads, “Don’t forget, you’re here forever.” Homer then covers it with Maggie’s pictures and writes, ‘Do it for her.’ I’m crying right now while writing about it. It’s the sweetest episode I’ve ever seen, and it never fails to move me.”


4. When Beth received William’s postcard in the mail after he died on This Is Us, she said:

This casting was crazy. Wow! (Beth) : thisisus

“They were sad for Randall because his father had expired, but his postcard said, ‘To Beth, the daughter I never had,’ wrenched my heart since it showcased the value and strength of Beth’s relationship with William .”


5. In the Queen’s Gambit, Beth broke down when she returned to the orphanage and discovered the newspaper clippings and pictures Mr. Shaibel had held of her:

The Story Behind Beth Harmon's Red Hair in “The Queen's Gambit” | Vogue

“When Beth returns to the orphanage after Shaibel’s death, she finds his achievements board and a picture of the two of them. She sobs in the car because she knows he is extremely proud of her.”


6. When Desmond finally spoke to Penny after years apart on Lost:

Lost’s The Constant turns 10: Revisiting the time-travel episode a decade later |

7. When Quentin was able to watch his friends mourn him on The Magicians:

The Magicians Has Somehow Become One of TV's Best Shows. Go Watch It | WIRED 

“He struggled with depression and suicidal ideation his entire life. When Q died, Penny-40 showed him the effect he had on his friends and explained that his death wasn’t a suicide, but a sacrifice, which helped him move on. It’s, even more, moving to watch the funeral, where everyone throws a memento into the oven. I can’t stop crying if I hear ‘Take On Me.'”


8. When Van Gogh saw how good and beloved he became after his death, he saw it on Doctor Who:

BBC One - Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor - Your Guide to Doctor Who Anniversary Specials across the BBC

“When Vincent Van Gogh visited modern day Louvre with Amy and the Doctor, he could foresee his legacy and hear an art master appreciate his skills. ”


9.When Archie returned to Riverdale with his father’s body and the town had planned a funeral for Fred, the town organized a parade:

Riverdale Season 5 Spoilers: Premiere Dates, Episode Titles, Cast, More

10. When Meredith and the other doctors gave Garrett and Natasha a wedding under the stars on Grey’s Anatomy:

Your 'Grey's Anatomy' Refresher Ahead of the Season 17 Premiere

“They were planning to tie knots when she was involved in a hotel accident, and placed under a medically induced coma. They wanted to have a wedding under the stars when she awoke. Meredith reads the vows, and she passed away almost immediately after they make it official.”


11. When Mando had to say his goodbyes to Grogu on The Mandalorian :

The Mandalorian' Season 2 review: May Grogu Be With You - The Hindu 

“The scene of The Mandalorian is etched in my memory. I am unable to get over with that scene.”


12. When Regina gave Emma and Henry fake happy memories before they left town for good on Once Upon a Time, Henry’s memories of her were replaced:

Once Upon A Time Photo: Regina | Once upon a time, Evil queen, Ouat

“In Once Upon A Time, Regina had to leave Harry because of Peter’s curse in Season 3. She knew she’d never see him again, so she prioritized his and Emma’s happiness. The raw emotion in it makes me cry.”


13. We saw flashes of the rest of everyone’s lives and deaths on Six Feet Under :

Six Feet Under | Cast, Characters, Synopsis, & Facts | Britannica Six Feet Under- final chapter. The show ended in 2005, so it’s not as well-known as it once was, but that episode is still considered the best series finale of all time. You’ll sob, too. I still believe it, despite the fact that I’ve seen it over a hundred times.”


14. When Fleabag and the Priest declared their love for each other on Fleabag, they went their separate ways :

Fleabag (TV Series 2016–2019) - IMDb

“The final scene of Season 2 of Fleabag doesn’t need to be explained, but it does need to be discussed more! (I might need a support group.)”

— Says elineks about the TV scene.

15. Lorelai sang “I Will Always Love You” at karaoke and Luke walked in on Gilmore Girls:

TV scene

“I get the chills every time”


16. When Devi thought it was too late to scatter her father’s ashes on Never Have I Ever:

Never Have I Ever Review: Give This Imperfect Show A Chance“I’ve seen Never Have I Ever four times now, and it always makes me teary eyed. When you think Devi won’t make it to Malibu to scatter her father’s ashes, it’s heartbreaking to watch — and the U2 song just adds to the sadness.”


17. When Liberty, Emma, Manny, and Toby stuck a graduation cap on JT’s memorial on Degrassi: The Next Generation : Degrassi: The Next Generation: Season 5: Movies & TV “Having ‘Unwritten’ playing in the background kills me every time.”


18. On Bridgerton, Violet expressed her longing for her husband and urged Daphne to work things out with Simon:

Review: 'Bridgerton' Is Sexy Shondaland Goodness : NPR

“Omg, it’s almost making me cry just thinking about it.”


19. Daisy called her and Sweets’ son after Booth on Bones :

bones tv booth | Bones Booth - WBNX-TV, Cleveland's CW | Booth and bones, David boreanaz, Bones actors

“I cry every time I see it”


20. As FP and Alice said their goodbyes on Riverdale :

sad tv scenes: Riverdale

“I did not expect to cry, but low and behold, I ugly cried. Even worse.”

—suitelife0808, talks about sad TV scenes

21.Finally, on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when the crew said their goodbyes to Bobbi and Hunter, the spy:

Sad tv scenes

“They’re saying their goodbyes to Bobbi and Hunter at this stage. It’s the end of the spy ring. The fact that they couldn’t communicate with one another. Every single moment, it makes me cry. Especially Mack’s reaction at the end, when everyone else has left.”


These were some of the fan reactions to sad TV scenes. Feel free to comment down below what you feel.

Written by FandomWire Staff

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