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21 TV Couples People Ended Up Hating

TV couples have romances that should be meaningful to the story. Them pairing up should be a way for the story to further develop or for more character arcs. Take Connell and Marrianne from Normal People or Chandler and Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for example. The romance was integral to the plot. However, there have been many inconsistencies in TV history where the couples haven’t been received well at all. Some were set up just for runtime and some just didn’t have the chemistry from the start. Here are a few TV couples who ended up being really unpopular with the fans of the show.

The viewers were stuck with a half-baked and incestuous romance between Jon and Daenerys.31 TV Couples People Ended Up Hating

Whatever poor Joey and Rachel pretended to have.

31 TV Couples People Ended Up Hating

Andy and Erin were clearly not the new Jim and Pam.

21 TV Couples People Ended Up Hating

Archie and Veronica and whatever Riverdale really is now.

21 TV Couples People Ended Up Hating

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Dexter and Deb were raised together as siblings.

21 TV Couples People Ended Up Hating

Alex and Piper grew as people only when they were apart.

21 TV Couples People Ended Up Hating

Fez and Jackie’s random pairing after Kelso left.

21 TV Couples People Ended Up Hating


Tom and Ann stayed too long for their own good.

21 TV Couples People Ended Up Hating

Come look at Terry Jeffords Is The Heart & Soul Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. These Photos Prove It

Dawson and Joey were part of an awkward love triangle.

21 TV Couples People Ended Up Hating

Lucas and Peyton were a toxic mess.


Greed and Control was the base of Nate and Maddy’s relationship.

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Justin and Jessica started off sweet but truly ended in the worst ways possible for both of them.

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Even early 2000s Linkin Park didn’t have the collective angst of Mike and Eleven.

Mike and Eleven Kiss, Lucas and Max Kiss- Snow Ball Dance- Stranger Things 2x09 - YouTube

Damon and Elena are too different to even say ‘Opposites attract.’

stephanie salvatore legacies appearance

Derek started off well with Meredith but soon after Addison arrived, he just changed completely.

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After Tara died, Willow and Kennedy were just thrust together.

willow tara thebody 0


Aria and Ezra had a student-teacher romance that got creepier every day.

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Ted and Robin were over after Barney came in and Ted found his true love, nevertheless, the creators just wanted to set up a finale.


Miss Grundy and Archie looked nasty right from their weird montage.

Screen Shot 2017 01 25 at 3.20.03 PM

Betty and Jughead are another of the countless weird couples that can no longer be justified with Jughead monologuing about how ‘Riverdale breeds sin’ or something like that.

1507737477 riverdale betty jughead season2

The reunion doesn’t change the fact of how incompatible and immature Ross and Rachel’s on and off relationship was.

ross and rachel break

These were a few TV couples that were not at all popular with the masses. Do you have any more? Feel free to share your favorite ones with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and more.

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