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22 Venom: Let There Be Carnage Reactions Too Good For Their Own Good

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is out! The awaited sequel to Venom. It has had a massive opening at the theatres. It grossed 90 million dollars, making it the most significant US opening of the pandemic. Naturally, fans have had their reactions to the movie. Let’s check out some of them that are among the funniest:

1. Venom and Eddie: arguing and screaming for a divorce

The lady below them:

1. Venom and Eddie: arguing and screaming for a divorce

The person above them:

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1. Venom and Eddie: arguing and screaming for a divorce

The guy across from them already used to it all:

1. Venom and Eddie: arguing and screaming for a divorce


The new couple moving in and now out in record time:


2. A fan suggesting that the movie is incredible on mute

3. A reaction jokingly refers to (not up-to-the mark) plot of Venom: Let There Be Carnage

4. A post reflects the excessive recurrence of tentacle-based fight scenes in the movie. The movie has also been criticized for its loose plot.

5. A reaction based on the post-credits scene in the movie

6. A reaction regarding how the movie was perceived to be hardcore but turned out to be light and loose.

7. A reaction referring to watch the Venom sequel

8. A fan reaction after just watching the movie


9. A reaction shows how people are blasting others with Venom’s post-credits scene by constantly posting it on Twitter. At the same time, people who are minding their own business seem to be having trouble with it.

10. A post is suggesting how the post-credits scene of the movie blew everyone’s minds away!

11. Another post about the end credits scene!

12. A post about the relationship portrayed between Eddie and Venom in the movie.

13. Another funny one!

14. Yet another Twitter reaction!

15. Another post making fun of the divorce saga shown in Venom: Let there be Carnage. The divorce saga shows Eddie and Venom splitting apart and Eddie taking the apartment!

16. A Twitter fan suggests that labeling Venom as “tom hardy tentacle porn fest” is not necessarily bad!

17. A post making fun of how the movie has Carnage but no context


18. Another tweet commenting on the relationship shown between Venom and Eddie

19. A post for those criticizing the movie by labeling it as a “porn tentacle fest.”

20. A Twitter user feeling sad and making fun of the ones leaving the theatre before the much talked about end credits scene of the movie.

21. A post regarding expectations meeting reality!

22. Yet another tweet regarding Venom and Eddie

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