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10 Most Gruesome Acts of The Batman Who Laughs – Ranked

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The Batman Who Laughs is one of the most infamous super villains of the DC Universe. Having debuted shortly, he has amassed immense popularity. Here are some of his most savage acts.

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Killing the Bat Family

tbwl bat family

One of the first acts of The Batman Who Laughs after completely giving into the Joker Toxin induced insanity was kill each and every member of the Bat Family. This act was even more savage considering the fact that the Batman has no real family but considers Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin, and the Bat Girl to be the ones closest to him. Coincidentally, they are also the first people to be killed by his hands. The death of the entire Bat Family was the beginning of the end for Bruce Wayne.

Infects and ‘Jokerizes’ DC Heroes

tbwl dark heroes

To infect the mighty Batman of his universe, Joker of Earth -22 created a stronger version of his Joker Toxin. At the time of his death, the Joker toxin was released and it infected Batman’s mind, making him the Batman Who Laughs. When The Batman Who Laughs came to invade Earth, he used the same Joker Toxin to infect some powerful DC Heroes. Superheroes like the Blue Beetle, Super Girl, Hawk Man, and Shazam became darker versions of their original selves. Dark Shazam proved incredibly powerful, able to take on Superman and defeat him in a one on one match. The joker toxin used was different than the one used on TBWL. It brought out the victims’ deepest and darkest desires.

Rounding up the Dark Batmen

tbwl dark batmen

The Dark Multi-Verse housed infinite number of alternate universes that were doomed from the very beginning. Before the events of Dark Nights: Metal, The Batman Who Laughs traveled to multiple dark universes, recruiting some very potent and powerful Dark Batmen called the Dark Nights for the upcoming invasion of Earth Prime. The Dark Batmen included a Batman who became Doomsday called Devastator, a Batman who became the God of War, and a Batman who absorbed Barry Allen and became the Red Death. Another female Batman with powers of Aquaman and a Batman who became the equivalent of Cyborg only stronger, were also part of the team.

Makes Superman Eat Lois Lane

tbwl superman

Over the years, the Justice League had collected several incredible weapons as spoils of war. They stored these weapons inside a secure vault. One of the weapons stored within that vault was a stock of Black Kryptonite. Black Kryptonite is particularly harmful to Superman. It induces a violent rage in his mind and sends him on a feeding frenzy. The Batman Who Laughs exposed Superman and his son to Black Kryptonite and watched them both devour Lois Lane to quench their insatiable hunger.

Becomes the Bat God’s Muse

tbwl barbatos

The Batman Who Laughs conquered his world so quickly and efficiently that he drew the attention of Barbatos, the Bat God worshiped by the Judas Cult. Barbatos is an entity that revels in chaos and destruction. He offered The Batman Who Laughs a seat at the high table if he helped him destroy the Justice League and take over the Multi-Verse. The Batman Who Laughs agreed and became his agent of doom, killing and maiming countless innocent lives to do the Bat God’s bidding.

Kills Night Master

tbwl night master

The Night Master’s real name is James Rook. He was entrusted with an ancestral super weapon called the Sword of Night, which granted him ownership over the mantle of the Night Master. Night Master has proven himself to be an honouable and worthy superhero of the DC Universe. When the Dark Batmen attacked Earth Prime, Night Master let his Oblivion Bar be used as the surviving heroes’ base of operations. The Batman Who Laughs found out the heroes’ hideout and planned an all-out assault. Rook fought valiantly but it was not enough. In the end, The Batman Who Laughs impaled James Rook with his own sword. The sight was gnarly and gruesome.

Massacring the Court of Owls

tbwl court of owls

It was the Court of Owls’ plan to use an ancient prophecy as a means to unleash the wrath of Barbatos over Earth Prime. The Court of Owls was a smaller segment of a larger group – The Parliament of Owls. The leaders of the group were promised to remain in Barbatos’ good graces if they helped him invade Earth Prime. Because of their sheer ignorance, they were devoured and killed by the Robin Army. The Batman Who Laughs then personally took down the remnants of the Court that begged for mercy. It was a blood shed of epic proportions.

Raising the Robin King

tbwl robin king

It was not enough for The Batman Who Laughs to create an empire that he ruled with absolute chaos. He needed to ensure that his Kingdom stood tall even after he left the equation. So he nurtured a successor who was even more dreadful and scarier than him. The Robin King is set to enter the DC Universe anytime now as a super villain. The Batman Who Laughs is proud of the Robin King and has full faith in his ability to destroy and conquer. In his quest to make the world insane, The Batman Who Laughs created a monster he him-self will never be able to tame.

The Robin Army

tbwl robin army

The Batman Who Laughs is always accompanied by a pack of Robin Hounds. No it is not a special breed of dogs we are talking about. Robin Hounds are actually Robins from different universes that the Batman Who Laughs captured and tortured to the point they mentally broke and driven insane. The Robin Army responds to only two words – “Crow” makes them stay put while “Bar” makes them attack. That is a twisted take on a classic event from Batman’s past. In Death in the Family, Jason Todd is beaten to death by the Joker with a Crowbar. If that was not enough, The Batman Who Laughs has also collected alternate versions of James Gordon Juniors from different universes, training them to become part of his Robin Army.

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Killing Joker

tbwl joker

While technically he still was not infected when the Batman of Earth -22 killed the Joker of his universe, it is still a very barbaric act. The Joker was dying so he created an entire day of booby traps and scene recreations from Bruce’s traumatic childhood (including his parents’ death) to make the Batman experience his One Bad Day. It worked. Batman was finally pushed over the edge and in a fit of rage he killed the Joker in cold blood. Killing the Joker would be his single greatest mistake. We all know what followed next.


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