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23 MCU Characters Compared to Their Comics.

Since the Time MCU movies came into Hollywood back in 2007, Kevin Feige the producer of these marvel movies have been producing these marvel movies on the bases of their comic books of the same name. Kevin had created each character according to their counterpart, and has selected the best actors and actress to portray the comic book characters, making sure that they look exactly like the comics. We all are aware that Marvel’s Costume Designs are something beyond imagination; they are not that easy to make weather its Iron-man’s suits or Hawkeye’s suits. Kevin has truly adapted comic books into live action with the help of all of these. So down below are 20 marvel cinematic universe characters and how they looked in their comics.

1 Spider-Man:

2 Captain America:

3 Captain Marvel:

4 Ant-Man & The Wasp:

5 Wanda And Vision:

6 Thor:

7 T’Challa:

8 Doctor Strange:

9 Black Widow:

10 The Hulk:

11. Valkyrie:

12. Nakia:

13. Tony And Rody:


14. Quick Sliver:

15. Lady SIF:

16. The Ancient One:

17. Loki:

18. Hela:

19. Malekith:

20. Skurge:

21. Surtur:

22. Eitri:

23. Thanos:


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