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23 Memes From Loki’s Episode 4 To Make You Laugh Through Those Tears

????WARNING: Spoilers ahead, this article is for people watching Loki on Disney+. Do not read on unless you have watched till episode 4.????

If you’ve been looking forward to Wednesdays lately, it’s a sign you’re obsessed with Marvel’s newest TV series, Loki. The show has become Disney+’s most popular Marvel show leaving behind the likes of WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Last week Tom Hiddleston stated that Loki’s episode 4 would act as a turning point in the story and it is where the chaos begins. Sure as hell he was right!

Loki’s episode 4 — titled “The Nexus Event” unveils a major chunk of the show’s plot. The most emotionally-driven episode of the series, episode 4 made the viewers angry, sad, and excited at the same time. Help yourself with some laughter if you haven’t felt good after seeing Mobius disappear. Here are 23 memes on Loki’s episode 4 that are trending on Twitter:

1. Does anyone else feel an emotional connection with Mobius or am I the only one?

2. Imagine Mobius waking up to this Owen Wilson naturally reacting with his signature ‘WOW’

3. The amount of Loki variants we’ve seen so far are enough to bring down a planet…

4. That moment when Sylvie realized her whole life was a lie…

5. If there was no credit scene in Episode 4, I would’ve probably been upset for a whole damn week

6. Loki falling for himself is the most Loki thing ever and I think we all should have a little Loki in ourselves.

7. Imagine this boy band releases a song titled ‘Straight Out Of Asgard’

8. I am now 100% convinced that Mobius was a professional Jet Ski rider before the TVA brought him over and erased his memory.

9. We are the real-life Thor-s. Falling for it every single time…

10. The fact that Loki was unable to confess his love to Sylvie as he got pruned by Ravonna is going to keep me upset for a week.

11. Dear Marvel, we need to know her real name! Calling her B-15 feels like a freaking Bingo square game

12. Mobius really knew a thing or two about torture. Man should be working for the cops.

13. Chaos would’ve broken out in the real world had Marvel not put that post-credit scene for us…

14. At this point Loki and Vision are competing for the title of the most killed character in the MCU…

15. I’m gonna call this variant Croki. The very existence of Alligator Loki proves the existence of AlligaThor.

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16. Anyone else got Aladeen (The Dictator) vibes from Ravonna Renslayer because same…

17. Mobius getting pruned almost felt like a stab in the chest. What’s the point of watching Loki if there’s no Mobius

18. Marvel really said “We support it but we ship Loki and Sylvie” and I just-. Anyway, boyfriends that die together, stay together. Period.

19. Have you all heard the great saying, “You got to love yourself before others will love you”? My boy Loki is just following that advice.

20. From here it’s either team Sylki or team Lokius…

21. I’m fear there could be revolts if this show doesn’t end with Mobius on a Jetski

22. This episode was the equivalent of 13 Reason Why

23. Ngl, the pacing of this episode was pretty off and we weren’t prepared for so much

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Catch Loki episode 5 only on Disney+ on Wednesday, July 7, at 12:01 a.m. PT and 3:01 a.m. ET.



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