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24 Cartoon Characters Who Are Getting “Canceled”

Shailesh Maurya, [14.03.21 01:00] [ Photo ] 24 Cartoon Characters Who Are Getting "Canceled"

No, stop. These cartoon characters are not actually getting canceled. Although, yes, they are getting canceled on Twitter for problematic content. A hashtag called #CancelACartoonCharacter is trending on Twitter and people have been using it to voice their concerns regarding the content of the cartoons. It is alright to cancel a few of them, but some of the tweets are absolutely hilarious. It all began when Pepe Le Pew did not make it to the Pace Jam sequel. The character is known for sexually harassing the female characters in the show and was thus canceled. Here is a list of 24 cartoon characters that people on Twitter have ‘canceled’ after Pepe Le Pew:

1. Herbert from Family Guy

One of the many cartoon characters that were “canceled” on Twitter was Herbert from Family Guy. Viewers call him pervert because of which he already has a nickname ‘Herbert the Pervert’. The show is based on pedophilic humor. He seduces kids to come into his house to the basement with candies and lures them in. This is problematic and hence, the cancellation.

2. Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick star is another famous cartoon that got trending on Twitter. The reason why he got canceled was because he is believed to have killed at least one person: the person he is holding upside down in his license. Twitter began this hashtag on a serious note. However, it became sarcastic and then, just funny.

3. Dale Gribble from King of the Hill

While Twitter’s cancel culture for cartoons is for various hilarious reasons, you must see this. Dale Gribble is getting canceled because of an ‘assumption’. The Twitter user believes Gribble was involved in the storming of the Capitol. And why not? He is in fact a gun fanatic and a bounty hunter. Who knows, he might be a Trump supporter too.

4. Angelica from Rugrats

The users talk about canceling Angelica from Rugrats too. Why? For being a Karen before Karens existed. She is not only the villain in the show, she is also a spoiled brat. Angelica doesn’t care about anything but herself. She is mean and pathetic and not-so-smart. Her character is spoilt, selfish and goes around throwing tantrums for fun.

5. Roshan from Ice Age

Roshan from Ice Age also got canceled. Do you want to know why? No reason, the Twitter users just don’t like him. This tweet was followed by another tweet that said that there’s nothing wrong with Roshan but the Twitter user just hates him and wants him dead. Although there is nothing wrong with him, he is just not desired enough.

6. Christ McLean from Total Drama Island

Chris McLean has 22 cases of child abuse. How? He organizes competitions for children and creates trouble for them. He is the main antagonist of the show. And guess what? He lives up to that reputation. He makes it difficult for all the children through his challenges. McLean actually had it coming, he hurt the children and so, he deserved the cancelation.

7. Danny Phantom from Danny Phantom

One of the cartoon characters is Danny Phantom. Danny Phantom has been rightly canceled on Twitter. The hashtag is accompanied with his picture escaping the girls’ locker room. Given all the harassing and invasion of privacy, he deserved it.

8. Winnie the Pooh from Winnie the Pooh

Every tweet with the hashtag was something unique and hilarious. Look at this picture of Winnie the Pooh stealing honey. Winnie the Pooh was tweeted for burglary and rightly so. The picture is evidence enough of the many times that he stole honey.

9. Caillou from Caillou

This has to be one of the funniest of all the tweets with the hashtag. Users want to cancel Caillou for being a brat and a crybaby.

10. Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus

Ms. Frizzle is the bus driver in The Magic School Bus. Users saw her spanking the characters in the show but no more. She is a third grade teacher who is also the protagonist of the show. Ms. Frizzle got called out for touching peoples’ butts without consent. So, she is now trending on Twitter by a bunch of teenagers.

11. Randall from Recess

Randall is the resident snitch from the show Recess. He is known among everyone for snitching. The Twitter user has blatantly expressed their hatred towards snitches.

12. Cartoon Characters from Dora the Explorer

This has got to be the funniest of all tweets under this hashtag. Although, Dora has a wide fan following, she also has a lot of haters. One of them wants to cancel Dora’s parents because the user thinks they are not responsible enough. And because they let their 5 year old lurk around.

13. Lucy from Charlie Brown

Lucy is known for offering psychiatric help without actually being a doctor. So, Twitter wants to cancel her for faking it. She acts like Dr. Phil and charges people for her help.

14. Swiper from Dora the Explorer

Another character from Dora the explorer is being canceled. Swiper is called out on Twitter for stealing all the time. Although, Swiper comes out of nowhere, he makes it difficult for Dora to go ahead.

15. Thomas from Thomas And Friends

Users blame Thomas from Thomas And Friends for global warming. And that’s not it. He is also bashed for smiling while also causing all the global warming so, he is also irresponsible.

16. Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb

Twitter is known for canceling people for being problematic. Who can be a better choice to cancel than the doctor who wants to take over the tri state area? Hence, Twitter users have added Dr. Heinz to the long list of people getting canceled.

17. Sulley from Monsters Inc.

The saddest cartoon to get canceled was Sulley from Monsters Inc. They have decided to cancel him for scaring little children away. But that’s not it, he also earned from this heinous act.

18. Yakko Warner from Animaniacs

Yakko Warner joins the list of the famous cartoons that should be canceled. Users charge Yakko poking every single country with a tiny stick. So, Yakko is blatantly called out and canceled.

19. Dr. Burns from The Simpsons

Another cartoon character is Dr. Burns from The Simpsons. He is a cartoon character which do not pay his taxes. How could Twitter let this one slide?

20. Johnny Bravo from Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo, the Casanova of cartoon characters is rightly canceled. Users call him the king of harassment for flirting with a lot of girls without their consent. People also claimed he could have been Me-too-ed if Twitter was running during that time.

21. Mertle, Elena, Teresa, and Yuki, Cartoon Characters from Lilo & Stitch

Mertle, Elena, Teresa and Yuki are also trending on Twitter because they bully Lilo all the time. They are her rivals and the antagonists in the show. Although, they are tiny little girls, they can be very vindictive.

22. Quagmire, more Cartoon Characters from Family Guy

Another character getting canceled from Family Guy is Quagmire because he is a pervert too and is desperate for sex. Glenn Quagmire lives next door to the Griffin family.

23. Scar from Lion King

Scar from Lion King must also get canceled because of murder. He murdered Mufasa, tried to kill Simba and so, made every viewer tear up. Although, we all cried when Mufasa died, we did not think of canceling Scar for it.

24. Homer from The Simpsons

The final character that will be canceled is Homer because he abuses his child. Viewers saw him strangle the kid more than once. Again, this is unacceptable parental behavior, thus, he is called out on Twitter and is made fun of.

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