“24 hours a day she followed me”: Jackie Chan Had a Dark Reason Why He Rarely Talked About His Love Life in Public

The disturbing truth behind Jackie Chan's silence on his love life.

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  • Despite his fame and stardom, movie star Jackie Chan has kept his love life tightly under wraps.
  • He shared that his fans took extreme measures upon learning about his romantic relationships, from suicide attempts to following him everywhere.
  • He shared that he was deeply impacted by it as he was not aware of the gravity of the consequences that mentioning a girlfriend would entail.
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Having a career spanning numerous decades, Jackie Chan has become an enduring icon, captivating multiple generations with his on-screen charisma and remarkable stunts. The actor has enjoyed the love and appreciation of fans worldwide. However, despite his fame and stardom, there’s one aspect of his life he’s kept tightly under wraps, his love life.


Jackie Chan [Credit: Firdaus Latif | Wikimedia Commons]
Jackie Chan | Credit: Firdaus Latif via Wikimedia Commons
However, unlike many movie stars, his reasons for keeping his personal life from the public eye have been so much more than privacy. In an earlier interview, the actor opened up about much more darker reasons that led him to refrain from discussing his romantic life publicly.

Jackie Chan Revealed Tragic Reasons Behind His Reluctance to Discuss His Love Life

Action movie star Jackie Chan candidly discussed the reason why he often refrained from discussing his love life in public during a conversation with Black Film. The revelation about his romantic relationships had tragically resulted in some of his female fans attempting suicide.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan | Credit: Emperor Motion Pictures

It was something that deeply impacted the actor, as he opened up during the interview, “I am very sad. It makes me sad. It makes me very nervous.” He revealed that he was not aware of the gravity of the consequences when he mentioned having a girlfriend publicly.

I just said girlfriend and a girl jumped into the subway, [it was a] suicide. From that, I knew how serious it was — Another girl was found in front of my office drinking poison. So many things have gone on. Another girl, came to Hong Kong, she would never go away. 24 hours a day she followed me. 

The Accidental Spy | Credit: IMDb

The Rush Hour star shared that there came a point when he just couldn’t get away from such situations. “When I stay in a hotel, the rooms around me all fans. They are just watching me, every day,” he said while opening up about the constant scrutiny and its effects on his nerves.

And so, for all those years I have been hiding,” he further noted, explaining his long-standing decision to keep his personal life private. In 1982, Chan married Joan Lin, a Taiwanese actress, and it also faced intense scrutiny. And the actor revealed that he had to ask his fans for such personal matters of his life.


Jackie Chan Had to Ask Fans For Marriage Approval

During his conversation with Black Film, Jackie Chan also revealed the extent to which his fans influenced his personal decisions. He recounted organizing a fan meeting where he posed questions like, “Can I get married,” “Can I get a girlfriend?”

And their answer to all of these was simply “No.” Fans even didn’t want the actor to get a haircut without their liking. “I ask can I cut my hair and they go, “No!” Chan recalled. Reflecting on his fan base, Chan singled out Japanese fans as particularly fervent.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan | Credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

The most crazy fans are Japanese fans. In Hong Kong, they treat me like the “boy next door.” Jackie is our hero, but in Korea and some other countries it is very crazy. 

However, he also expressed relief that he and his fans have moved on from such extreme aspects and have remained loyal to the movie star. “They tell their children to see my movies,” he said, noting that these fans are the reason he has continued making movies.


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