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24 TV Shows That Surprisingly Never Got Popular

Ever go about a TV show and just wonder why people aren’t talking about it? Yep, same. Despite an amazing storyline some shows fail to get the recognition that they really deserve. There are numerous reasons why these shows fail to make it big. Like not having a starry cast or maybe getting released at the wrong time in a season.
Hundreds of TV shows air every year. However, only a fraction of them are breakout hits. Many are simply trash and many shows no matter how brilliant they are, fail to find the audience and/or critical claim they deserve.

Make the most of your time with these underrated TV shows you’ve either been meaning to get around to watching or are yet to hear about.

1. Travelers

This sci-fi show gets unbelievable at times with its narrative. It gives us stark reminders of how bleak our future will be if the right steps are not taken now.

2. Party Down

It is saddening that they canceled this show as both seasons were hella good. Every character was so funny in their own way which made the show unique. 10/10 underrated.

3. Happy Endings

Happy Endings is a show that centers around a man who has been dumped by a woman who brought a group of friends together. However, as their problems grow, the two start questioning their relationship and friendship.

4. Reaper

Reaper is a show with a highly promising plot that is deftly executed by the brilliant cast. The show cleverly blends humor with sincerity, intelligence with mischief, and leaves you wanting more.

5. Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23

The show dumbed-down moral lessons in each episode which were easily foreseeable and heavily foreshadowed. It really was one of ABC’s funniest shows that didn’t get enough time on-air.

6. Generation Kill

It’s pretty unfortunate that this show had just 7 episodes. Based on the 2nd Iraq invasion, the show has great historic accuracy and very realistic moments

7. Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me is a dark comedy show that is extremely deep at times. It also stars Mandy Patinkin in a supporting role.

8. Counterpart

Counterpart isn’t your typical television sci-fi series. It’s a work of art and is superbly crafted. It’s a great show cut far too short. With great acting, intelligence, and a unique storyline, this sci-fi/espionage 100% deserves your watch.

9. Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies is a perfect show for fans of Tim Burton and those fascinated by the weird and whimsical. It was a forensic drama with a blend of love, murder, supernatural, humor, drama, singing, and quirkiness.

10. Eureka

Another sci-fi show on our list that is HIGHLY entertaining and can get you hooked on it for hours.

11. Carnivale

Carnivale was a wonderful and strange depression era story about the forces of good and evil as a bunch of carnies make their way through the dust bowl.

12. Home Movies

One of the most cleverly written animated series of all time. Every single episode is hilarious and all the voice actors improv their lines.

13. Awake

Awake had an excellent story that was full of suspense. It does a brilliant depiction of the inner struggles one faces with loss. SUPERB ENDING!

14. Jericho

Jericho had a failed season 2 but the opening season was a banger. It is one of the best apocalyptic style shows. The hasty conclusion made us really want to see what they could have done with more time because although rushed, it was an interesting world they built.

15. Suburgatory

Suburgatory is a show comparable to How I Met Your Mother in the thematics and comic aspects. The excellent cast keeps you hooked to it till the very end.

16. News Radio

News Radio was a critical darling, but not a big following, but god damn that show was funny.

17. Patriot

Patriot comes as such a relief from all the other spy shows which basically have the same plot in general. It’s full of dark comedy if you enjoy that and doesn’t drop in quality from start to end.

18. Limitless

Limitless has action, suspense, romance, comedy, acceptance, and intellectualism all packed in it. Every single episode of season 1 holds you from start till the end and creates curiosity for the next episode.

19. Galavant

Filled with incredible songs, funny jokes, great acting, beautiful sets, Galavant is a show with a well-thought-out storyline as well as amazing locations. This epic musical comedy fairy tale is sure to keep you hooked and you’ll end up recommending it to every single person around you.

20. Hell On Wheels

Hell on Wheels has a terrific historically-based plot. The construction of the narrative engages you inside the Old West and onto the rails. It’s a must-watch for anyone who is into historical dramas.

21. I Am Not Okay With This

The most recent show on the list, I am Not Okay With This is a Netflix Original that deserves some attention. The show offers much more than a high school teen drama. It’s extremely sad that the show has been canceled due to COVID.

22. Trial & Error

It came out in 2017 and canceled in 2019. It’s essentially a true-crime mockumentary sitcom. The first season was good, but not great, but then the 2nd season was absolutely fantastic. This show is for anyone who loves shows like Documentary Now! and Parks and Rec

23. Deadwood

Deadwood acquired an enormous fanbase through its 3-year run. However, the makers left fans dangling like a dead man on the end of the proverbial rope until over a decade later the movie brought a conclusion to the story.

24. Man Seeking Woman

Man Seeking Woman is an amazing example of how creativity can give you a varied perspective of a simple yet complicated situation. The show is extremely creative, witty, and hilarious. Stop watching shows like Friends and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, again and again, and try this maybe.


What is the most underrated TV show that you know of? Make sure to share it with us in the comment section below!

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