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Black Widow: 25 Emotional Tweets For Those Who Can’t Stop Crying

People who were waiting for a Black Widow solo film since Iron Man 2, the wait for them is finally over. As much as we were excited, our hearts became wretched because of the unexpected ending. Here are 25 emotional tweets that are heartbreaking.

1. Still can’t get over the sad hangover.

2. Although the movie was hilarious and light-hearted at times, but we couldn’t control ourselves from feeling sad after knowing what will happen to Natasha in the Avengers: Endgame.

3. Literally, everyone was on the edge of the seat, hoping that Natasha would get back to life due to some miracle.

4. It was devastating to know the fact that she can’t whistle back.

5. Not only the cameraman but, that was everyone’s situation.

6. Deep! This wrecked me even hard.

7. We will never recover from this loss.

8. That’s Natasha for you.

9. Nat told Steve ‘I had this family’ and she meant the Avengers. Remember?

10. This literally killed me. Nat doesn’t have a family nor children.

11. Ohh! My brain just exploded. It is very hard to even think that Nat dies.

12. This scene makes me sick. Poor Nat.

13. Oh my pocket. It got a lot of pockets.

14. Please! This is heartbreaking.

15. The fact that we lost Nat makes want to sit and cry, in the middle of the night.

16. My heart was shattered into pieces.

17. One of the best scenes. Florence Pugh’s acting though! Just lit.

18. Yes, Thor and Loki has the best sibling duo dynamic. But, this sibling duo is underrated.

19. Scarlett’s trilogy would have been the best treat for the fans.

20. Oh my my peanut. This edit is too cute.

21. There is a lot of depth in this scene. I literally poured my heart out while watching this scene.

Black Widow

22. I’m not crying. No, I’m not crying. But, tears roll down unknowingly.

23. I was Peter Parker who was fading away while watching this scene.

24. Great tribute to Nat. She truly deserves it.

25. It hurts. But, this is the way to therapy.



Written by FandomWire Staff