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25 BTS Facts From Spider-Man: No Way Home That’ll Make You Love The Movie Even More

????WARNING: Spoilers ahead, Do not read on unless you have watched Spider-Man: No Way Home.???? Take a look at went behind in creating the biggest movie of 2021. Here are 25 BTS facts from Spider-Man: No Way Home:



1. All three lead cast of the film, Tom Holland, Zendaya, and  Jacob Batalon knew that the third Spider-Man movie was going to be about the multiverse for at least a couple of years.

BTS facts from Spider-Man: No Way Home

2. There were even talks about bringing Kraven The Hunter in the film as one of the villains and Tom was even pitched the idea by director Jon Watts  

3. Screenwriters Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna started working on the Spider-Man: No Way Home script in December 2019 and didn’t really finish until early 2021.

4. The script was facing so many alterations, many former Spider-Man stars, like Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire, tentatively signed on just from an initial pitch. They were delivered script pages a lot later.

5. Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire weren’t given the actual script papers until they showed up on the set. This was around Christmas 2020.

6. The initial script had a different entrance for Tobey and Andrew’s Peter Parkers. They were going to meet Tom’s Peter through a character and get introduced as the “saving graces” who would aid him through Aunt May’s death. 

BTS facts from Spider-Man: No Way Home

7. Willem Dafoe only agreed to be in the film if he would be given his own stunts to do

8. Zendaya and Jacob Batalon dropped off Tom Holland on the film set for his first rehearsal with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. 

9. Tom, Jacob, and Zendaya became very good friends with Tobey Maguire over the period of shoots. They all now call him ‘T-McG’

10. Tom, Andrew, and Tobey also have a WhatsApp group of theirs. Tom stated that their bond is like a “brotherhood.”

11. Zendaya sat behind the monitors when Charlie Cox returned to film sequences with Tom Holland as Matt Murdock.

12. Willem Dafoe “scared the hell out of everyone” when he filmed Green Goblin’s existential crisis scene. He took 30 shots and performed differently in each one of them.

BTS facts from Spider-Man: No Way Home

13. Filming Aunt May’s death scene had Tom Holland genuinely teared up.

14. Majority of the dialogues that were exchanged between Andrew, Tobey and Tom during their first meet on top of the school’s roof were improvised by the actors.

15. Andrew Garfield adored the part where he got to lean back into Peter’s trauma after Gwen’s death as well as playing the “middle brother” Peter.

16. Marisa Tomei found it so hard to keep the ending of the film a secret that she ended up telling it to her therapist. 

17. A major chunk of the film was shot on sound stages in Atlanta, Georgia where most Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are filmed.

BTS facts from Spider-Man: No Way Home

18. This includes the entire bridge rendezvous between Peter and Doc Ock

19. CGI was used for Doc Ock’s tentacles this time instead of operating them by puppeteers.

20. Majority of Sandman’s visuals were created by the VFX team. He was mostly lending his voice. 

21. Jacob Batalon was taken aback when Alfred Molina asked him for an autographed photo. Initially, Batalon thought Molina was fooling around but it turned out that Molina’s stepdaughter is a big fan of him.

22. Zendaya would show up on the film set even on days when she had no scenes to film because she’s been trying to learn directing and Jon Watts was great help for her.

23. One of the most “brutal” scene to film for Tom Holland was where he had to hang upside down while Doc Ock slammed Peter against a stone pillar.

24. After Tom Holland finished filming Spider-Man: No Way Home, he went out for snowboarding because his contract was over and he could do anything he wanted. Tom got hurt the same day and FaceTimed Zendaya to show blood running down his face.

25. Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal are “actively developing” Spider-Man’s story from here. 

BTS facts from Spider-Man: No Way Home

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