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25 Celebrities Who Hilariously Acknowledged Memes About Them

Getting rich and famous is great and all, but you REALLY know you’ve made it once you see yourself in memes. The Internet, which is a terrifying place to be, can make almost anyone and everyone famous these days. It stands to reason that some A-listers are at least a little aware of the crazy stuff we do with their likenesses online, but it’s still always a bit of a shock to hear an actor actually talking about a meme or a fan work.

Take a look at some of our favorite instances of celebrities reacting to memes on themselves in the most bizarre way possible. Don’t freak out when you discover that your favorite TV or movie stars know about the memes that you make on them.

Ryan Gosling ate a spoonful of cereal in a video to give his tribute to the late Ryan McHenry, the man who created the “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” meme:

Orlando Bloom sang along to the iconic “Taking the Hobbits to Isengard-gard-g-g-g-gard” song 

James Van Der Beek re-created Dawson’s iconic crying face that became a viral meme from Dawson’s Creek for a Funny or Die video:

Cardi B shared a meme of herself as a kid on Instagram:


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Chrissy Teigen shared her iconic cringe face picture by making a collage of it with a photo of her daughter Luna giving the same expression:


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Later she replied to a meme of her face after realizing that the camera had panned to her and ducked at the 2018 Emmys with “this is a setup.”


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When Kim Kardashian milked money out of her iconic crying face and created merch and Kimojis:

When Demi Lovato shared this gif of Poot Lovato, an unflattering photograph of her that was uploaded to Tumblr in October 2015

Taylor Swift wore this “no it’s Becky” shirt and sent the whole internet in frenzy. Apparently, Taylor’s school pictures went around a social blogging site with a caption claiming that she was a girl named Becky who lost her life to marijuana.

Courteney Cox recreated and mocked her Scream 3 haircut with us


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Paul Rudd recently re-created his “look at us” meme from Hot Ones in an ad where he encouraged people to wear masks:

When Chuck Norris put emphasis on becoming the ultimate meme of the ’00s and launched The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book

Debby Ryan made a tweet and made fun of the memes about her “shy” face from DCOM Radio Rebel 

Kate Beckinsale explained the meme of her and Pete Davidson kissing next to Queer Eye’s Antoni and justified why she wasn’t into Antoni:

John Cena poked fun at iPhone’s face ID feature because of his viral “You Can’t See Me” meme:

Nick Young made use of his own meme to illustrate a point on Twitter:

Real Housewives cast member Taylor Armstrong who is famous for her crying meme with a cat ran into a person dressed as Smudge the Cat on Halloween. She took a photo with them and re-created the iconic meme.

Justin Timberlake posted the viral clip from “It’s Gonna Be Me” on April 31:


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Kevin Hart and The Rock teamed to poke fun at Dwayne’s iconic ’80s outfit picture which was the butt of many jokes back when it was released:


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Bernie Sanders acknowledged all memes made on him wearing his mittens and later decided to sell merch to raise money for charity:

Nene Leakes responded to the rumors of her being kicked out from Real Housewives with a meme of her laughing:

Tiffany Pollard re-created her iconic “sitting on a bed with sunglasses” meme on Instagram:

Keke Palmer responded to the iconic “baby this is Keke Palmer” meme.

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