25 Crazy Marvel and DC Fan Art Mash-Ups

Over the years there have been several companies in the Comic Book Industry, but only two of them have by far been the most undeniable and popular among others are Marvel and DC Comics. Whether you have grown up reading the adventures of The Avengers, X-Men, or the Fantastic Four heroes in the Marvel universe, or you have grown up reading Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League, both companies have been fighting to be on the top list for several years. They have also turned their rivalry to the Film and TV industry, with Marvel creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC creating the DC Extended Universe.

While Marvel has completely taken over the film industry, DC has also created some iconic TV series. But today at FandomWire, we have created something different. No, this article is not about Marvel vs DC or who is the best but it’s an article based on some Marvel and DC characters that are fused together by some talented fan artists, to create some amazing mashups. So without wasting more time, lets dive right into it!

Captain Nightcrawler

The Incredible Speedster

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The Adamantium Lantern

The Atlantis Devil

Captain Batman

Captain Wonder

The Spider-Lantern


Captain Superman

Agent Batman

Beware Of The Bat-Spider

The Incredible Bat

Captain Flash


The Fastest Men Alive


Iron Deathstroke

Iron-Bat V.S. Captain Superman

Iron Lantern

Joker, God Of Mischief

The Iron Flash

Super Thor

The Spider-Bat

Super Hulk Smash!!

The Iron Joker

Source: Matt Perez

Written by FandomWire Staff

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