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25 Terrible & Forced TV Storylines

There have been numerous great TV storylines that just complimented the plot and moved it along to greatness. Sometimes, experimenting with storylines leads to good things for the plot. One example is Chandler and Monica hooking up. This was supposed to be a one-time fling. But the fans loved it so much that the writers decided to make them a couple. And look how revered they are in the TV couples rankings now. However, not all storylines work. Some are just bad choices, some are put to feed the airtime, and some are down to just bad writing. Here are a few terrible TV storylines that just seem forced.

The Gargoyle King storyline and almost everything from Riverdale

25 Terrible & Forced TV Storylines

Daenerys in Quarth was short but not sweet

25 Terrible & Forced TV Storylines

The angsty superhero squad in Stranger Things

25 Terrible & Forced TV Storylines

Whatever Insatiable is

25 Terrible & Forced TV Storylines

Debra developing feelings for Dexter was just so out of the loop

25 Terrible & Forced TV Storylines

Rachel and Joey’s weird romance

25 Terrible & Forced TV Storylines

Justin being killed off after having the most character growth

25 Terrible & Forced TV Storylines

Trying to convince us that Jughead is dead by making Archie and Betty hook up

25 Terrible & Forced TV Storylines

Hayley getting back with Dylan after growing so much over the seasons

25 Terrible & Forced TV Storylines

Randall’s mother being alive was too much of a twist that just seemed unnecessary

25 Terrible & Forced TV Storylines

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Izzie having sex with Denny’s ghost

Betty, who was a teen then, stripping down for a ‘serpent dance’

Olivia being kidnapped was as confusing to us as it had been to the writers

Andy just completely changing after the yacht trip

Archie forming The Red Circle, which looked like a teen Magic Mike. Yes, there will be a lot of Riverdale.

The smartest mind in Westeros not knowing or at least preparing for Sansa and Arya setting up a ruse.

Luke finding his daughter in Gilmore Girls

Jim and Pam having problems in the last season even after all that they had gone through together

Ian finds out that Frank is not his real dad and that’s it

Cheryl finding time to put on a full assemble with matching bow and arrows while a serial killer is in her house

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The “epic highs and lows of high school football”

Ezra and Aria’s relationship was just unholy

Bryce getting a redemption arc

Eric ending up with his bully, Adam

Chic and Charles being lovers

These were a few TV storylines that were just terrible and maybe shoehorned for the lack of content. Do you have any more? Feel free to share your favorite ones with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and more.

Written by FandomWire Staff