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$250M Rich Marvel Star Samuel L. Jackson Doesn’t Have an Ounce of Faith in Method Acting: “I know what I’m gonna do when I get to work”

$250M Rich Marvel Star Samuel L. Jackson Doesn't Have an Ounce of Faith in Method Acting: "I know what I’m gonna do when I get to work"

Sometimes method acting can result in certain bizarre situations for both the film crew and the actors themselves and several big names like Samuel L. Jackson have spoken out against it. Even though this practice can lead actors like Daniel Day-Lewis to deliver some immaculate performances, however, it does often lead to some inconveniences offscreen.

However, not all actors are fond of this practice and Samuel L. Jackson has been pretty outspoken about his distaste for method acting and once explained his procedure for shifting into certain roles.

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Samuel L. Jackson as Nic Fury
Samuel L. Jackson as Nic Fury

Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t indulge himself in method acting for his roles

Samuel L. Jackson, who has starred in several critically acclaimed movies and has been an integral part of one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood, doesn’t believe in the concept of method acting. While speaking on The Howard Stern Show, the Pulp Fiction star opened up about his process of getting into certain characters for his movies without getting too deep into it. He said,

“I’ve done all that at home; I know what I’m gonna do when I get to work. It’s easy, you know, you don’t shoot more than two and a half pages a day. Piece of cake. You don’t have to learn anything from beginning to end, even though I know all the lines. I know everybody’s lines. When I go to work, I have fun.”

However, this wasn’t the only time when the Marvel star spoke out against method acting and expressed his distaste for the practice of actors getting too deep into their roles, as it can be harmful to them.

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The Pulp Fiction
The Pulp Fiction

Samuel L. Jackson isn’t comfortable with actors going to extreme lengths for their roles

Investing too much into their characters can lead up to some difficult situations for both the film crew and the actors and Samuel L. Jackson hasn’t backed away from addressing this issue. The Marvel star, once expressed that extreme investment into certain roles can take a toll on the actor and as a result, they might not have a good time on the sets. He expressed his viewpoint on the situation by stating,

“I want them to have a good time. Sometimes, when you’re working with people who invest like that, it doesn’t feel like they’re having a good time, to me. It’s a job of playing make-believe. You’re supposed to be able to safely come into this space, work and give emotionally, and not be harmed by it.”

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Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson

Although actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Mads Mikkelsen have shared their distaste against the idea. However, the practice of method acting has resulted in the success of several actors, including Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, who went on to deliver immaculate performances with the help of this practice. But following these situations, it seems that the debate regarding this topic isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Source: The Howard Stern Show


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