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260 lbs Muscle Mammoth Dwayne Johnson Toiled to Get “Best physique of his career” in $393M Box Office Disaster

260 lbs Muscle Mammoth Dwayne Johnson Toiled to Get "Best physique of his career" in $393M Box Office Disaster

Dwayne Johnson, the actor known for breaking bones while singing a Disney song, had to once get serious for one of his career-defining movies. With an intense emphasis on his physique, The Rock gave it his all to create the perfect body for his magnum opus of a film.

Talking about the antihero Black Adam, Johnson revealed that his goal was to get in the “best physique of his career” and to maintain the hunk of a body after building it for years. The Jumanji actor even revealed that his body was all natural in Black Adam and that no muscle pads were used in the costume!

Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam (2022).
Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam (2022).

Dwayne Johnson Wanted The Best Physique of His Career

With a plan to make a DC superhero movie, Dwayne Johnson spent countless time creating the perfect plan and the perfect setting for his movie. The planning also included a perfect physique that The Rock had to achieve no matter the cost and give Black Adam his might and his strength to make the character look good.

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Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

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In an interview with Men’s Health, the interviewer and Johnson talked candidly about the intense amount of work that the actor had to put into the role of Black Adam. When asked the question that did The Rock have a hard time filling the costume of Black Adam, here’s what Dwayne Johnson had for a reply.

“We did. My goal was to bring in the best physique of my career, and that includes my years as a football player and as a pro wrestler. I’ve worked with Dave Rienzi, my trainer, very closely now for over a decade. The real challenge was to maintain that [physique] for months.”

The Jungle Cruise actor further continued,

“It’s not All right. Go after it and grit and grind it out. No. You can’t do that, because your body can’t sustain it and your body will break down, whether you’re in your 20s or 60s. So we had to really approach it with care and science, and [Dave] was there throughout the shoot and constantly looking at my body, seeing how it’s coming along. How’s my sodium intake? How are the carbs? There’s just so much we have to look at.”

The physique was indeed achieved by the actor and was praised for maintaining his body throughout the filming and even after. What’s even more harrowing is that the actor refused to use muscle pads for his role and went for an au-naturel look.

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Dwayne Johnson Refused To Use Muscle Pads For His Role

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

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Stating that there was always an alternate option to use muscle pads, the actor revealed that he opted for a natural look. Talking about trying things differently, the actor took out all the muscle pads from the Black Adam costume.

“Now, what’s interesting is we could have said, ‘Fu*k this—put the muscle pads in the suit,” as they normally do. And it’s not a knock to my friends at all, but I felt like, “Let’s be disruptive, and let’s do it differently.” Let’s take all the muscle pads out, which we did, from Black Adam. When you have that suit on, every detail shows. Man, it was constant work, constant tweaking, tweaking, tweaking for months.”

With 6.3/10 on IMDB and a record-low of 38% on Rotten Tomatoes, Black Adam went on to earn $393.3 million worldwide. Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is available to stream on HBO Max.

Source: Men’s Health

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