27 “The Crown” Season 4 Moments Vs. The Real-Life Events Proving How Detailed The Series Is

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Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ is back with another season as it takes ahead the story of the British monarchy by a few years. While Olivia Colman’s character of Queen Elizabeth II remains in the highlight in almost all episodes considering she’s running the show, two new women characters of Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana pull the balance from under the Queen, time and again.


However, what particularly impressed the audience was the show’s ability to accurately nail the casting in every season and remain as possible authentic to actual events. Be it Emma Corrin’s uncanny resemblance to Princess Diana or Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher, the casting is beyond perfect.


Here’s a look at some of the most iconic moments from the life of the royals, which were recreated in season 4 of The Crown

1. This is how Queen Elizabeth II appeared at the Trooping the Colour ceremony in London in 1979:

1 21


2. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher after her election victory in 1979:

2 26

3. Here’s young Prince Charles doing a reading at the memorial service for Lord Mountbatten in 1979:

3 25


4. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher with her Conservative Cabinet in 1981:

4 26

5. Prince Charles and Princess Diana at the Balmoral Estate in Scotland in 1981:

5 23


6. Here are Prince Charles and Princess Diana outside of Buckingham Palace after the two announced their engagement:

6 20

7. Prince Charles and Princess Diana at their wedding rehearsal at St. Paul’s Cathedral:

7 19


8. Here’s Princess Diana in her wedding dress:

8 19

9. Here’s what Prince Charles wore for his wedding with Princess Diana:

9 16


10. Here’s what Queen Elizabeth II wore to Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981:

10 16

11. And here’s how Princess Margaret dressed for the wedding:

11 8


12. Mark Thatcher and his co-driver Charlotte Verney during the Paris/Dakar Rally in 1982 — Mark and Charlotte went missing for several days before being found:

12 9

13. While there are no photos of Michael Fagan and Queen Elizabeth II’s bedside chat, here’s an artist rendering of what might’ve happened from 1982:

13 9


14. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher attending the Falklands Victory Parade in 1982:

14 7

15. Prince Charles and Princess Diana arriving in Australia with Prince William in 1983:

Princess Diana holding Prince William on the tarmac


16. Prince Charles and Princess Diana posing in front of Uluru/Ayers Rock in Australia during the Royal Tour of Australia:

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17. And here are Prince Charles and Princess Diana climbing Uluru/Ayers Rock during their visit:

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18. Prince Charles and Princess Diana posing for photographers in New Zealand during their royal tour in 1983:

Prince Charles and Princess Diana sit on a blanket as they play with Prince William

19. Here are Prince Charles and Princess Diana dancing together at a gala dinner in Sydney, Australia:

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20. Here’s Princess Diana wearing a pink Donald Campbell suit while meeting supporters in Australia:

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21. And here’s Princess Diana in Australia wearing the Spencer family tiara:

sub buzz 11489 1605642687 25

22. Queen Elizabeth II broadcasting from Cape Town, South Africa in 1947:

Clare Foy as Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen on the right, both sitting at a table as they read prepared remarks

23. Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 1985:

sub buzz 11716 1605644298 26

24. Here’s the famous Sunday Times article about Queen Elizabeth II being “dismayed” by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher:

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25. Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York — aka the original Fergie — on their wedding day in 1986:

sub buzz 11718 1605645220 17

26. Here’s Princess Diana dancing to Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” alongside ballet dancer Wayne Sleep at the Royal Opera House in 1985:

sub buzz 11687 1605646454 49

27. Prince Charles and Princess Diana watching as Major Hugh Lindsay’s coffin is brought home after he was killed in an avalanche:

sub buzz 11755 1605646708 37

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