22 Emotional Movie and TV Scenes That Make People Cry


Certain movie and TV scenes are so emotional that they move you to tears every time you watch them. When a user on Reddit asked, “What scene from a movie or TV show, never fails to move you to unending tears, no matter how many times you’ve watched it?”.  Well, here are some of the answers.

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Warning: there are massive spoilers ahead, and you may even grab some tissues before you reach the end of this list.


1. Jojo from Jojo Rabbit goes after a butterfly, only for it to lead him to the sight of his mother hanged among other victims. This scene indeed made all of us cry along with Jojo.

Jojo watches the butterfly fly away, then sees and hugs his mother's shoes

2. Up: The movie progresses with time, and the loving couple grows old together only to realize one has to leave in the end as it is nature’s way.

The characters in Up design a nursery, only to discover they've lost the baby


3. The Princess Bride: It wasn’t money or power Inigo desired. Instead, he asked for his father, who Rugen killed. Inigo finally avenges the death of his father.

Count Rugen offers Inigo everything he wants, and Inigo replies "I want my father back, you son of a bitch."

4. Jurassic bark: When Futurama discloses that Fry’s dog Seymour never forgot about him and loyally spent years waiting for his return; this emotional scene never fails to move every dog lover to unstoppable tears.

Seymour waits for years and through seasons for Fry's return


5. Game of thrones: The heart-breaking origin of Hodor’s one-word vocabulary is revealed during his death scene. Hodor dies as a sacrifice for Bran’s past and future life.

Hold the door gradually becomes "Hodor"

6. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Will breaks down to tears while asking his uncle a heart-touching question about why his father doesn’t want him. This scene is unforgettable.

Will's uncle embraces him after he asks why his father doesn't want him


7. Game of Thrones: In season 8, the hound stops Arya from killing Cersei, as he doesn’t want Arya to turn out vengeful like him. Arya, thanks, Sandor.

Arya thanks Sandor for not letting her die

8. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: When Anya, an ex-demon turned human, confesses how lost and confused she feels following the demise of Joyce Summers.

Anya expresses confusion over why Joyce can't just get back into her body

9. The Green Mile: Viewers couldn’t stop crying when John Coffey is executed for rape and murder charges, despite being innocent.

John Coffey tells Tom Hank's character "He killed them with their love. That's how it is every day, all over the world."


10. Marley and Me: It is heart-breaking to see Marley sick and dying. The family mourns Marley’s death. Life was peaceful until the aging Marley suffers an incurable intestinal disorder.

Marley is told he's a great dog before being put to sleep

11. Schindler’s list: When Oskar Schindler breaks down at the climax, viewers couldn’t stop the tears. As he is immensely guilty that he could’ve saved more lives during the war.

Schindler says he didn't do enough, and questions why he didn't sell the car to save more life


12. In the movie Toy Story 3, when all the toys unite as they head towards the incinerator.

The toys join hands and prepare to be incinerated

13. Dead Poets Society: It was emotionally fulfilling to watch Mr. Keating’s students protest against the stringent rules of their school and honor their favorite teacher after he is fired.

Mr Keating thanks the students standing on their desks


14. When Moana’s grandmother dies in the emotional climax scene of ‘Moana.’ Her spirit reappears as a manta ray in the ocean as she sets out on her quest.

Moana's grandmother as a human, and then as a spirit of a manta ray

15. Hunger Games: When Rue’s dying wish is to hear Katniss sing to her, it was the most heart-rendering one.

Rue dies while Katniss sings to her


16. Love, Simon: When Simon lashes out on Martin after he outed him, was the saddest part of the film.

Simon tells Martin he had no right to out him and tells him to stay the fuck away

17. Rick and Morty: When Rick realizes that he can’t tell who his real daughter was and who was a clone, as he was too scared to let himself know. Indeed this scene was quite emotional.

Rick realizes he doesn't know which of his daughters is a clone


18. Fried Green Tomatoes: When Sipsey comforted Idgie following Ruth’s demise from cancer, it was one heart-breaking scene.

Sipsey tells Idgie, it's all right, honey...you know, Miss Ruth was a lady. And a lady always knows when to leave

19. Good Will Hunting: Sean doesn’t blame Will for his abusive childhood. It was unexpected and left the viewers reaching for more tissues.

Sean tells Will it's not his fault and Will breaks down


20. The handmaid’s tale: In the season 2 premiere, audiences couldn’t get over the scene when the handmaids face an agonizing fake execution.

The handmaids on the gallows

21. Avengers: Endgame: When Captain America hears Sam say “on your left”, he realizes that everyone who perished in Infinity War is back and ready to fight.

Captain hears "on your left" and turns to see the Wakandans and everyone else returning to fight


22. Cast away: When Chuck Noland’s volleyball buddy, Wilson, drowns in the sea while trying to escape from the island.

Chuck realizes Wilson is missing, dives for him, but doesn't reach him in time

These are the most rated emotionally challenging scenes by the audience. Comment below what’s your favorite cathartic scene that breaks your heart every time you watch it.


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