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3 New Star Wars Movies Reportedly Being Announced at Star Wars Celebration Event as Kathleen Kennedy Scrambles To Keep Her Job as Lucasfilm President

3 New Star Wars Movies Reportedly Being Announced at Star Wars Celebration Event as Kathleen Kennedy Scrambles To Keep Her Job as Lucasfilm President

Star Wars is one of the oldest franchises out there in the Hollywood universe which are yet in the running and have completely captured the fans’ heart from the get-go with its extraordinary picturization and plots. The franchise mainly revolved around the fictional universe, a sci-fi universe that turned into a worldwide cultural phenomenon, and apart from being one of the oldest, it is also one of the most successful franchises out there in terms of box office collections.

But in recent times, the franchise has diverted from what it used to be, a force to be reckoned with to multiple box-office failures. It seems like the franchise has shifted its focus more on tv shows and series than the development of its movies which has resulted in a steep downfall of the franchise. Though there were many recent movies released by the franchise, the fan reactions were quite poor.

In a recent episode of the podcast, THE HOT MIC WITH JEFF AND JOHN, Jeff Sneider revealed some crucial information about the future of Star Wars and what LucasFilms President Kathleen Kennedy has in store for them.

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The Hot Mic With Jeff and John

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Jeff Sneider Drops a Bomb on Star Wars Franchise and Kathleen Kennedy

Jeff Sneider in the recent podcast with John Rocha shared that the recent situation of the Star Wars franchise is quite poor and development seems to be a far-fetched theory. And just like what happened to DCEU, as new executives were hired and appointed to lead a new DC Universe, the same will happen to Lucasfilm as they will be having a new President by the end of 2025 if they do not meet the requirements. The conditions laid to Lucasfilm were that by the Christmas of 2025 if a Star Wars movie does not hit the theaters, President Kathleen Kennedy will have to resign from the position and pass it on to her successor.

Jeff Sneider
Jeff Sneider drops a bomb on the Star Wars franchise

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Jeff Sneider opened up in the podcast,

“This is a big movie not just for Star Wars but for Kathleen Kennedy herself. So, I’m told that Kathleen Kennedy’s whole job depends on having a movie in theatres on Christmas Day 2025. If there’s no movie on Christmas Day 2025, there’s no job. I am told that three movies, three movies will be announced at Star Wars Celebration”

Sneider dropped a huge load of bombs for social media to handle and it seems that Kathleen Kennedy is struggling to hold on to her Presidentship title of Lucasfilm with a last desperate attempt of a successful movie out of the ‘to be announced’ three movies. And since they have been away from the business for quite a while now, from 2019, many have shared their opinion that it seems highly unlikely for that to happen and this time around Disney is being quite stern in picking out the script for the upcoming movie or movies.

Can Star Wars Make a Strong Comeback With Its New Movies

Star Wars is definitely not a force to be reckoned with their extremely successful movies when no one could even think of such an intergalactic plot and storyline. Yes, recently they have deviated from producing those blockbusters again and again without fail to make series and tv shows like The Mandalorian and the Andor while collaborating with Disney+ and have found immense success.

Star Wars
New Star Wars films are rumored to drop soon

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But the root of the franchise was with its films and it was because of those that the franchise has thrived so much for the past half-century. It comes with no doubt that they would want to relive their glory days as it has done in the past and it all comes down to the three potential upcoming movies that will either mark the rise of the franchise or the downfall of a great era.

Source: Youtube | The Hot Mic With Jeff And John

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