Daredevil: 3 Reasons Elektra Is His Best Partner (& 3 Reasons It’s Karen)

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Matt Murdock is best known for doing things by himself. Sometimes, heroes need support, too. Daredevil, as he is called, has two prominent female sidekicks that helped him get through a lot of his missions.


Elektra Natchios and Karen Page are two different characters with different qualities. Both of them are strong and smart women who play significant roles both in the show and in Matt Murdock’s life. Now, who is the most suitable partner? Let’s find out.

Elektra: Her Combat Skills

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For a fighter like Matt Murdock, he needs a partner that is equally as strong as he is. Elektra is skilled in hand-to-hand fighting. She also wields a pair of sais, an ancient kind of weapon, and in Marvel’s The Defenders, a long sword.

Teaming up with Elektra gives Matt a higher chance of survival and victory. Both of them fight the same enemies and together, they form a strong bond that only veteran fighters have.

Elektra: Her Past Relationship With Daredevil


Matt and Elektra’s intimate past was introduced in the second season and this gives a hint that they have worked together before. Because they know each other for a long time, Elektra perfectly suits to be Matt’s ally.

In the show, Elektra is portrayed as a woman of mystery. There is only one person who knows her deeply and that is Matt. When you form a team, it’s important to have that deep bond with each other.

Elektra: Her Familiarity Of The Hand

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No one in the show knows the secrets of The Hand except for Elektra. She was involved with them and was used as a weapon. Called as Black Sky, she became a killing machine.

With Elektra’s experience working with The Hand, she has enough knowledge to overthrow the entire organization. Daredevil will have the upper hand in this one because he has the best chance of defeating The Hand.

Karen: Her Work Connections

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Karen Page works for New York Bulletin and this job helps Matt in his missions. Since she’s involved with the news industry, she has several connections to important people. She is also aware of the confidential matters that happen around the city.

When Matt needs vital information about someone, he only needs to talk to Karen. She can gather as much data as a private investigator would have.

Karen: Her Dependability

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Her years working at Matt Murdock’s law firm have proved one thing and that is trustworthiness. Karen is the kind of friend Matt can lean on and will keep him grounded when he goes too ambitious. She is also willing to lay her life to protect Matt and her friends.

Karen: Her Loyalty

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As one of Matt’s long-time friends, Karen has been loyal to him since the beginning of their amicable relationship. He helped her get through during her worst times and in return, she helped Matt fulfill his plans.


Karen makes the perfect partner for Matt because no one knows she works with him. She can easily move and arrange things for Matt so he could get a better chance of accomplishing his mission.


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