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3 Reasons Why Hell Let Loose Is the Best FPS That You Haven’t Played

Hell Let Loose dropped for Xbox, PlayStation and PC over a year ago and while it has managed to carve itself out a small niche in the market of devoted players, it is still a vastly underrated FPS experience. This game should have been experienced by more people, as it is undoubtedly worth the time commitment that it asks players to make.

Hell Let Loose is a hardcore experience. It is the sort of online shooter where you will die, (a lot,) and you won’t even always necessarily know where the killing shot came from. It is a learning experience and one with a pretty steep curve to it. Quick, accurate communication between teammates is absolutely essential to secure a victory, as are thought-out tactics, quick reflexes and a fair bit of luck.

The game is an online-only experience comprising a hundred players per match, (fifty on each team,) which includes only two separate modes; Warfare and Offensive. Warfare mode essentially plays like a massive game of Capture the Flag, with each of the two teams battling to take control of a number of different sectors across the game’s vast map.

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Offensive mode begins with one of the teams possessing control of all of the sectors across the map. It is then up to the opposing team to invade the enemy’s territory and capture each sector before the match timer runs out.

The decision to only focus on two game modes is one thing which sets Hell Let Loose apart from other online tactical first-person shooter video games. Below are three more reasons why Hell Let Loose is more than your average multiplayer-focused FPS:

A Greater Reward

Don't expect a crosshair to help you out in Hell Let Loose.
Don’t expect a crosshair to help you out in Hell Let Loose.

A greater reward can be earned in Hell Let Loose than in almost any other FPS or Battle Royale game. Spending two hours playing Call of Duty: Warzone will likely yield various outcomes. In the amount of time that a mixed bag of wins and losses can be achieved in Warzone, a single hard-fought victory can be achieved in Hell Let Loose, meaning that the feeling of winning a match in Hell Let Loose feels much more satisfying.

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Hell Let Loose is the type of game where; what you get out of it is dependent on how much you are willing to put into it. This isn’t going to be the game for you if you are looking to jump into something for a few brief matches. Hell Let Loose asks its players to make a commitment, and if you are willing to make that investment, then it will pay off dividends.

Level of Realism

This is one of the few guns in Hell Let Loose that has a scope on it.
This is one of the few guns in Hell Let Loose that has a scope on it.

In games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Call of Duty: Warzone, gunfights are almost constant. Action is waiting around almost every corner, resulting in overall player numbers falling at a quicker rate. In Hell Let Loose, players can go for twenty-minute periods without seeing any action at all in the early stages of the match. Then, before you know what is happening, things go from zero to a hundred and you are suddenly in the middle of a hostile skirmish, narrowly avoided gunfire from every direction.

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Based on soldier’s accounts of fighting in a real-life warzone, the sort of pace felt in Hell Let Loose is far closer to reality than the pace of Call of Duty. A real-world war doesn’t consist of constant fighting and instead it is far more likely for things to go from eerily quiet to ear-piercingly loud at a moment’s notice.

Voice Communication

Hell Let Loose may not have the greatest graphics in the world, but in certain moments, the lighting can actually make it look quite pretty.
Hell Let Loose may not have the greatest graphics in the world, but in certain moments, the lighting can actually make it look quite pretty.

Another thing which separates Hell Let Loose from other online FPS games is the way that the chat system works. Instead of simply being placed into a voice party chat with your squadmates, Hell Let Loose gives players a choice of a selection of different voice channels.

Within each of the two factions available to play as in Hell Let Loose, there will be one player assigned as the Commander for their side. These Commanders are able to chat to the leaders of each respective four-man squad via the “leadership,” voice channel. These squad leaders can ask the Commander for battle resources such as the deployment of tanks, artillery and air strikes.

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These Commanders are playing what is essentially a Real-Time Strategy meta-game, managing the cost of resources and making quick decision to benefit their team on the frontline. All of this is taking place at the same time that the units on the battlefield play their FPS-style matches.

Individual units on the ground may even be completely unaware of what the higher chain of command is doing until they see an air strike take place in the middle of the battlefield. This ironically also works as a commentary on how real-life troops rarely have any clue about the decisions being made at a higher level.

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Alongside the leadership voice channel, there is also a unit-only voice channel, which operates in a much closer fashion to the voice chat traditionally seen in games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Call of Duty: Warzone. The third option for voice channels is proximity chat, which does what it says on the tin. Proximity chat has been added to the recently released Warzone 2.0, but it has been a feature in Hell Let Loose for a lot longer.

War is hell.
War is hell.

Those are three reasons why Hell Let Loose is the best FPS that you haven’t played. Do you plan on checking the game out at some point in the future? Have you in fact already checked out the game for yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.

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