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30 People Reveal Why They Got Blocked By Celebrities On Social Media

Social media can be a pretty fun place to be. You can connect with anyone and everyone with one simple click of a keyboard. Even your favorite celebrities. However, sometimes fans forget that celebrities are as human as everyone and end up getting too candid with them. Instead of treating their fav stars like actual people, social media users troll them to a level where the best way out that the celebrities find is the block button. So be careful about what you tweet/post/comment on social because you might get blocked like these poor souls:


1. Doctor Phil blocked a user after she commented on one of her Instagram posts that she wants to run her teeth through his mustache…

1 21

2. Juha Vuorinen, a Finnish writer who was often accused of stealing memes and posting them on Instagram as his own blocked a user when he confronted him about it

2 18

3. Not a celebrity but Harbor Freight blocked a follower on Twitter after she commented that their pipe inspection cameras are good for home colonoscopies.

3 19

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4. Kevin Hart blocked a user after he commented “Pineapple” 1727 times on his post

4 18

5. A Twitter user wrote “What’s goin on Slick Willy” to William Shatner on his profile. Shatner is not at all fond of being called that. He blocked the user.

5 16

6. Gordon Ramsay blocked a thirteen-year-old user after he was added to a dumb group chat with his friends on Twitter. Someone in the group was followed by Ramsay so they added him to it. He ended up blocking half of the entire group. The kid later messaged him on other social media platforms and asked if he could be on MasterChef as he could make good ramen noodles.

6 18


7. A user on Twitter was blocked by Vucic, the President of Serbia because she asked how much money they washed on the reconstruction of Republic Square

7 16

8. James Charles blocked a user on Twitter after she put a picture of dog grooming products and captioned it “The New James Charles Collection”

8 17

9. A Facebook user got blocked by Joel Osteen when posted on his wall that Osteen was the best stand-up comedian of our generation.

9 16


10. A Twitter user got blocked by Caitlyn Jenner for reminding her of the millions she spent on anti-LGBT politicians

10 17

11. Donald Trump blocked one of his followers on Twitter after he was sent a Barack Obama virtual birthday card.

11 15

12. Elon Musk blocked a user on Twitter back when European Space Agency made a landing on an asteroid and a user asked him how he felt that we finally made contact with his species.

12 14


13. Dane Cook blocked a Twitter user after he replied to his “Sometimes no matter what you do, you can’t win.” with a “Did you make another movie?”

13 14

14. Not a celebrity but PETA blocked a Twitter user from their profile after he asked them why they euthanize healthy animals only.


15. A Twitter user kept on comparing Dane Cook to bad happenings of his life like “I got fired today. This is really the Dane Cook of days.” Dane Blocked him in a few days.

15 12


16. Jimmy from the Dave and Jimmy radio show in Columbus blocked a Twitter user after he posted a picture of his sister and said; “She got all the good looks in the family.” and the user replied; “Looks like there wasn’t much to go round in he first place then.”

16 11

17. A Twitter user got blocked by Jim Cornette within an hour after Cornette bragged about slapping Santino Marella to which the user replied, “You know damn well that if he wasn’t looking for a job and green card at the time he would have crippled you.”

17 11

18. A user got blocked by Chance The Rapper on Instagram after he commented “this s**t is dookie” and got 600+ likes on the comment within an hour.

18 9 scaled


19. Jeffree Star blocked a user on MySpace because he kept leaving comments on his page saying things like “Hey man, great party last night!” to get random fans of his to send him friend requests. After maybe the third time, Jeffree responded angrily telling him to stop and blocked him from leaving comments.

19 10

20. Not a celebrity but Ford blocked a user on Twitter because he kept asking them to bring the crown Victoria back

20 10

21. Hulk Hogan blocked a Twitter user after she told him that he doesn’t need to sign off all his tweets with “HH”.

21 7


22. A Twitter user got blocked by American Astronomer Phil Plait. The user was following him but his posts were overwhelming his feed. Retweets were off too. Hence he unfollowed Plait. Days later, his feed was still full of Plait’s posts so he blocked him to stop it. A few years later, the user followed Plait again since Twitter had made changes but it turned out that he was blocked by the astronomer.

22 7

23. A Twitter user faced a block by Janoris Jenkins when he told him that Jenkins was like a burnt toast.

23 8 scaled

24. Bill Murray blocked a Facebook user after he posted a badly photoshopped picture of Murray and himself by the Hollywood sign several times on Facebook.

24 7


25. American rapper B.o.B blocked a user on Instagram when received a dm that called him an idiot for being a flat earther.

25 6

26. Khloe Kardashian blocked a user for commenting her father’s name as Alex Roldan instead of Robert Kardashian. Kylie Jenner in the past has even tweeted a pic of Khloe and Alex Roldan and captioned it saying so. However, the tweeted picture was immediately deleted. Alex Roldan was Kris Jenner’s ex hairstylist. Khloe’s middle name is Alexandra as well. Lamar Odom has also said he’s met Alex numerous times.

26 6

27. The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil kept apologizing for an insensitive remark she previously made about a group of people. After the fourth or fifth time, a Twitter user said something to the effect of “We get it. You don’t have to keep apologizing.” and she replied with a “F*** off” and blocked him.

27 5


28. When a Twitter user called Devin Sawa a d*** for being insensitive and making fun of poor people, Sawa made the user’s tweet his cover photo for a little while and later blocked him.

28 5

29. In April 2014, Bryan Singer was accused in a civil lawsuit of sexual assault of a minor. A user on Instagram commented on one of his posts saying “Where are all the comments attacking him for being a scumbag” While reports claimed that he was deleting them all, Singer blocked the user who made that comment and made his account private.

29 5 scaled

30. Josh Peck blocked a user on Twitter after he posted a chipotle advertisement that he did and the user commented “WTF are you doing”

30 5 scaled
Josh Peck arrives at the premiere of “Avengers: Endgame” at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Monday, April 22, 2019. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Has a celebrity ever blocked you on any social media platform? Share with us in the comment section below!


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