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30 Times TV Couples Broke Our Hearts, Ranked

TV history has many emotional, gut-wrenching moments that have sent us the right to the tissue box. From lighthearted comedies and cartoons to intentional dramas, the TV shows had it all. Yet, no matter what TV show you watch, once you get invested in the lives of your favorite TV Couples, and can see their pain unfold on screen. You feel the same level of sadness as the characters in these TV shows. Sometimes, we can’t watch our favorite characters split on the screen, and we cry when it happens. But, in some cases, we are still unable to get over it. So these are the 30 Times TV Couples Broke Our Hearts.

Let us begin with When Wanda had to say goodbye to Vision for the second time on WandaVision:

30 Times TV Couples
Photo: Disney+ / Marvel

There’s a moment when Elena and Damon danced one last time before she went into a coma on The Vampire Diaries:

The CW

The moment from “Skins” when Emily discovered Naomi had cheated on her:

30 Times TV Couples

In Angel, When Buffy found out that the day she’s spent with a ‘human Angel’ would be erased from her memory, and says, “I’ll never forget.”

The WB

On Faking It, when Amy finally confessed her feelings for Karma:

30 Times TV Couples

30 Times TV Couples

On Modern Family, Haley and Andy said goodbye when Andy moved away:

30 Times TV Couples

When Ryan held Marissa as she died:

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A scene from The Haunting of Bly Manor shows Jamie finding Dani staring at the bathtub water:

30 Times TV Couples

Willow saw Tara die right in front of her in Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

30 Times TV Couples

Loki moved back to the TVA when Sylvie pushed him back:

Disney+/ Marvel

Dean confesses his love for Castiel before he dies in Supernatural:

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The CW

In Teen Wolf, Allison died in Scott’s arms after telling him that she loved him:

Pin on Teen Wolf

When Mando had to bid Grogu farewell on The Mandalorian:

c6498fcde08fd22e3185d01e4c4643ded9 nod goodbye to baby yoda.w710

Luke walked in on Lorelai when she sang “I Will Always Love You” to karaoke on Gilmore Girls:

gilmore girls i will always love you - Cheap Online Shopping -

While FP and Alice were saying goodbye on Riverdale:

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In the episode “Angels of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” when Bobbi and Hunter say goodbye to the spy:

On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when Bobbi and Hunter said goodbye to the team. | Agents of shield, People talk, Marvel agents of shield

On Freaks and Geeks, when Lindsay and Nick both pretended they were no longer together:

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Chandler’s response to Monica when she told him they couldn’t have children:

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Alexis Rose and Ted Mullens’ breakup scene in Schitt’s Creek:

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Fandomwire Video

On Vikings, Ragnar talking to the Athelstan’s Corpse was quite emotional as Ragnar loved him more than anyone else. Unfortunately, they were not a couple but there was that chemistry between them that this moment made it through:

History TV

When Brooke confronted Julian about telling Alex that she couldn’t have children on One Tree Hill:

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In “This Is Us” when Jack kicked Rebecca out and left her with a speech like this:

35 Completely Heartbreaking TV Couple Moments

On Euphoria when Jules decided not to accompany Rue to New York:

TV Couples Broke Our Hearts, Ranked

When Emily found out that Naomi had cheated on her on Skins:

Times TV Couples Broke Our Hearts, Ranked


On New Girl, when Cece found out Schmidt had cheated on her:

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In Teen Wolf, when Lydia forgot Stiles after Stiles told her he loved her:

Pin on m o v i e s a n d t v

On The 100, Clarke was with Lexa when she died:

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On One Tree Hill, Peyton discovered that her pregnancy put her life in danger. However, she and Lucas decided to carry the baby anyway:

Times TV Couples Broke Our Hearts, Ranked
The CW

The CW

In Black-ish, the moment when Dre and Bow decided to part ways:

30 Times TV Couples Broke Our Hearts, Ranked

And Finally, On The Vampire Diaries, Elena found out that Damon had died and his ghost had said goodbye to her:

30 Times TV Couples Broke Our Hearts, Ranked
The CW


So this was our list for 30 Times TV Couples Broke Our Hearts. Let us know in the comment section which moment broke you the most?

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