31 Days of Horror: 5 Horror Crossovers We’d Love to See

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With it finally being October, it seems appropriate to take some time and really look at various topics within the horror genre. For the next thirty-one days, we’ll have several different horror-themed discussions, from everyday slasher horrors like Friday the 13th to the more sci-fi, less everyday horrors like Alien and IT.


For our first foray into the 31 Days of Horror series, we thought we’d go big, so these are five of the horror crossovers we’d like to see, albeit they’ll never happen for a variety of reasons.

Ash and Freddy

horror crossover
Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street

The wise-cracking, shotgun-toting, evil dead killing Ash from Evil Dead, and the wise-cracking, sinister, dream-invading Freddy from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise would provide a constant amount of humor and witty dialogue with one another. Ash isn’t afraid to use unorthodox methods to provide himself an advantage, so it’s easy to see him doing copious amounts of drugs to keep himself vigilant of the threat Freddy poses, whilst also having the mental fortitude to conjure himself some sort of dream weapon if he does sleep. Either way, it’d be a fun ride to watch the two go at it, and not a boring horror crossover.


Ghostface and Chucky

horror crossovers
Ghostface from Scream.

Ghostface has always been a relatively slapstick murderer compared to others in horror films, with the Scream franchise being a parody itself of other by-the-numbers slasher films, and the glee-like attitude Chucky has when murdering his victims would again, as above, allow for some genuinely funny moments between the two, if their paths were to cross. Whether they’d actually fight one another, or more likely team up is another matter though.

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Alien and Jason

horror crossover
The Xenomorph from the Alien franchise.

The thought of the constant hunting from Jason as he works his way through a camp of generic humans, before finding a few who aren’t like the others before they spawn a few Xenomorphs to really test his mettle is by far my favorite of those listed here. Throw in one thinking they’ve dispatched of Jason before he does his Undertaker style sitting up, and Jason using his machete to cleave his way through swathes of Xenomorphs and we’d all be having fun. It should be an easy win, but then again, so should have Alien vs Predator…


The Thing and Predator

horror crossovers
Predator from the Predator franchise.

An idea out of the left field with regards to horror crossovers, Predator having to hunt and kill The Thing would make for a gripping film, especially as most of the time he’d assume he was fighting and killing just another human before realizing his latest prey is a little more resilient. The Thing could shapeshift to any lifeform it chose, making it difficult for Predator to keep track and would end up with him being the one hunted.

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Patrick Bateman and Hannibal Lecter

horror crossover
Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

Two average, clinically insane men running into one another, one who’s arrogant, rude, and thinks he’s above everyone else, the other a cannibal who detests and eats rude people when he can. If you follow the train of thought like many that Bateman imagined the crimes he committed, then this wouldn’t necessarily be a very long film, but if nothing else, it’d be nice to see him getting his comeuppance after treating everyone so poorly in his own universe.


That’s five horror crossovers we’d like to see, but there are countless other possibilities. What others would you want to see? No matter how fantastical or ridiculous, we want to know!

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