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36 Celebrities You Probably Forgot Guest-Starred On Teen Dramas

Have you ever noticed these unexpected guest appearances on teen dramas from A-listers like Chris Pratt, Lady Gaga, and Lindsay Lohan?

From mind-bending plot twists to hilariously improvised dialogue that you never saw coming, there are so many unforgettable moments in TV and movie history. But one thing which shakes things up on the screen is the unexpected appearance of celebrities. While many of the stars had tiny blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sized roles, some of them played characters who stuck around for several episodes or even an entire season.

Take a look at the best celebrity cameos in film and TV history, including surprise appearances from some big-time A-list celebs.

Chris Pratt on The O.C.

Chris/Che next to Seth

Before Parks and Recreation happened for Chris Pratt, he played the small role of Ché, Summer’s college friend who screwed her over.

Amy Adams on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Amy as cousin Beth talking to Tara

Amy Adams played the role of Tara’s cousin who tried to make her come back home with them in an episode from Season 5 titled “Family.”

Jessica Chastain on Veronica Mars

Jessica as Sarah smiling outside

Jessica Chastain played Sarah, Veronica’s pregnant neighbor who disappeared.

Paul Rudd on Veronica Mars

Paul Rudd played the role of a washed-up rock star named Desmond Fellows whose tapes were stolen in Season 3 of Veronica Mars.

David O’Russell on Gossip Girl

Serena talks to David O'Russell by the beach

David O’Russell enacted Serena’s boss when he hired her to work on his film version of The Beautiful and the Damned.

Khloé Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West on 90210

Khloe and Kim Kardashian sitting on a couch smiling

The two played themselves in the show where they delivered some dresses from Dash, but Naomi couldn’t pay, so they got into a brief argument

Rami Malek on Gilmore Girls

Andy and Lane sitting next to each other with paper and pencils

Rami Malek played Andy, a member of Lane’s Bible group on Gilmore Girls

Olivia Wilde on The O.C.

Alex with her hair teased looking behind her

Olivia Wilde played the role of Alex, a bisexual character who dated both Seth and Marissa.

Tessa Thompson on Veronica Mars

press photo of Jackie and Veronica crossing arms next to each other in front of lockers

Tessa Thompson played the role of Jackie, a girl Veronica befriended whose father was accused of causing the bus crash.

Paris Hilton on The O.C.

Paris/Kate and Seth kissing

Paris Hilton played the role of Kate, a girl at a party who liked Seth.

Paris Hilton on Veronica Mars

Paris/Caitlin sitting next to Veronica

Paris played Caitlin, Veronica’s spoiled classmate who dated Logan.

Lindsay Lohan on Glee

Lindsay pointing and talking in an office

Lindsay Lohan played herself as a Nationals judge on Glee.

Maria Menounos on One Tree Hill

Maria in a wedding dress as Jules

The E! News reporter made an appearance as Keith’s girlfriend–turned–runaway bride, Jules, in Season 2 of One Tree Hill.

Sebastian Stan on Gossip Girl

Carter at Blair's house

Sebastian Stan appeared in numerous Gossip Girl episodes as bad boy Carter Baizen, who slept with Blair and dated Serena.

Seth Rogen on Dawson’s Creek

Seth as Bob outside a car

Seth Rogen played Bob, a stoner with Audrey ends up sleeping with.

Amanda Seyfried on Veronica Mars

Lilly with her arm around Duncan

Amanda Seyfried played Lilly Kane, Veronica’s best friend who was murdered.

Armie Hammer on Gossip Girl

Armie as Gabriel talking to Serena

Armie Hammer played Gabriel, the con artist Serena thought she married in Spain.

Carmen Electra in 90210

Carmen and Electra talking backstage

Carmen Electra played Vesta, a burlesque dancer who encouraged Silver to tell her friends about her performance.

Krysten Ritter on Veronica Mars

Krysten as Gia on Veronica Mars

Krysten Ritter played Gia Goodman, Veronica’s classmate with whom she developed a somewhat shaky friendship.

Kelly Ripa on Riverdale

Kelly holding a gun

Kelly Ripa played Hiram’s mistress. (Fun fact, Kelly and Mark Consuelos, who plays Hiram are married in real life)

Denise Richards on 90210

Denise at a cocktail party on 90210

Denise Richards had a quick cameo as a socialite in the 100th episode of 90210.

Karlie Kloss on Gossip Girl

Karlie Kloss accepts a card from Juliet at Lily's house

Karlie Kloss appeared briefly in Season 4 as herself at a fashion event.

Former New York City mayor and presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg on Gossip Girl

the mayor next to a female aide

The former mayor appeared as someone who was shocked at the news that Dan was Gossip Girl.

Nikki Reed on The O.C.

Sadie and Ryan sitting on the back of a car

Nikki Reed played Sadie, Johnny’s cousin, who had a brief relationship with Ryan.

Jeff Goldblum on Glee

Rachel with her dads in the living room

Jeff Goldblum played one of Rachel’s dads.

Adam Lambert on Pretty Little Liars

Adam, dressed as a vampire, talks to Aria

Adam Lambert performed on the train during the Halloween episode, and he also had a short conversation with Aria.

Nick Offerman on Gilmore Girls

Jackson, Beau, and Sookie at a baptism

Nick Offerman made his appearance a couple of times as Beau Belleville who was Jackson’s older brother who once hit on Lorelai.

Whoopi Goldberg on Glee

Whoopi sitting in the audience

Whoopi Goldberg played Rachel and Kurt’s professor at the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts.

NeNe Leakes on Glee

Nene talking to a shirtless Sam

NeNe Leakes played Roz, coach of the swimming team and later the Cheerios after Sue was fired.

Kate Hudson on Glee

Kate in a dance class with Rachel and other students

Kate Hudson played Cassandra July, a dance teacher who knocked Rachel down a few pegs.

Pete Wentz on One Tree Hill

Pete and Peyton talking

Pete Wentz dated Peyton and stayed at Rachel’s cabin with the gang on One Tree Hill

Joe Manganiello on One Tree Hill

Owen and Brooke at Macy's

Joe Manganiello played Owen, the bartender friend of Chase’s who briefly dated Brooke.

Hilary Duff on Gossip Girl

Olivia and Dan nuzzling

Hilary Duff played Olivia, a starlet who became Vanessa’s roommate and Dan’s girlfriend.

Tim Gunn on Gossip Girl

Tim looking at Jenny at a party

Tim Gunn appeared as himself in Gossip Girl’s season 4 episode where Jenny returned to the Upper East Side to interview with him for her application to Parsons.

Colin Hanks on The O.C.

Colin/Grady sitting next to Rachel

Colin Hanks played Grady Bridges, an actor Summer liked who invited them to a party.

Lady Gaga on Gossip Girl

Lady Gaga onstage performing

Lady Gaga didn’t play a character but performed in a Season 3 episode of Gossip Girl.


Which celeb according to you has made the guest appearance ever? Tell us in the comment section below!


Source: BuzzFeed