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25 Great “Emotionally Traumatizing” Movies People Don’t Want To Watch Again

38 Great Emotionally Traumatizing Movies People Dont Want To Watch Again 1

Here are 25 great “Emotionally Traumatizing” movies people don’t want to watch again. Movies affect the audience in many ways and people do take something from every movie they watch. These are some movies that were hard to watch and emotionally traumatizing.

1. Requiem for a Dream follows the lives of four drug addicts as they plunge to depressing depths. Due to their addictions, they face severe physical and also emotional illnesses.

Emotionally Traumatizing

2. The movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is a portrayal of the unconditional love a dog has for his master. And the pain that it goes through when his master dies due to a cardiac crisis.

Emotionally Traumatizing

3. Bridge To Terabithia depicts the friendship of two children as well as the separation when one of them dies after being struck by lightning.

Emotionally Traumatizing

4. In What Dreams May Come, the character Annie tries to commit suicide after the grief of her husband and children’s deaths in car accidents.

Emotionally Traumatizing

5. The feeling of anger and hopelessness that The Pianist leaves a person with, are itself very traumatizing. It depicts the horrific events that happens to the pianist in the holocaust.

Emotionally Traumatizing

6. Full Metal Jacket is all about the lives of soldiers and the pressure that they go through during their basic training. After bearing the effects of basic training, they eventually become suicidal or homicidal.

Emotionally Traumatizing

7. Boys Don’t Cry revolves around the struggles of a trans man. He becomes a victim of a vicious crime while he is in the midst of a search for himself and love.

Emotionally Traumatizing ortant Story for People to Know” – The Hollywood Reporter

8. Brokeback Mountain is a gay cowboy movie and it goes on to spread the message that love is love. The movie is emotionally wrenching as it involves homophobia and sporadic affair over the course of 20 years.

Emotionally Traumatizing

9. The Pursuit of Happyness is an illustration of a poor family and the hardships they face due to their financial problems. The movie has some really emotionally traumatizing scenes with homelessness and sorrow.

Emotionally Traumatizing

10. Jojo Rabbit delivers the message of educating children to be vigilant and aware of society. But, to some, such moments in the movie could be emotionally traumatizing.

Emotionally Traumatizing #39; - Variety

11. The Mist involves a lot of deaths which makes it hard to watch. The movie also has a  negative outlook on the nature of humans when things go south.

Emotionally Traumatizing

12. We Need To Talk About Kevin involves the hardships of a mother trying to get to talking terms with her son, Kevin. However, he has an antisocial personality disorder.

Lynne Ramsay. We Need to Talk About Kevin. 2011 | MoMA

13. Nightcrawler being a crime drama, is inclusive of strong violence like shootings, car crashes, etc. The main lead is a sociopath and his character itself is hard-to-watch.

Review: Nightcrawler Exposes the Predations of TV News | Time

14. Oldboy is an incredibly violent samurai movie. It is dark and involves manipulation and epic battle scenes.

The story of the fashion in neo-noir cult classic Oldboy | Dazed

15. Leaving Las Vegas portraits the final stages of alcoholism and how it almost ruins the lives of two people by making them desperate.

Leaving Las Vegas (1995) - IMDb

16. The movie Once Were Warriors is soul-crushing. Although it is a must-watch, it also involves alcohol-fueled domestic violence and abusive families.

Once Were Warriors (1994) - IMDb

17. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind features a life that is emotionally destructive and shifts back and forth between different emotions.

Watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind | Prime Video

18. Dancer In The Dark is themed on the impossibility of survival and the obstructions the protagonist faces to survive.

Dancer in the Dark" at 20: A haunting swan song that's complicated to love

19. The Road is hard going and heartbreaking. It revolves around the challenges of survival, the importance of family, and the survival of human generosity.

The Road (2009) Movie Review from Eye for Film

20. Manchester By The Sea is a story about the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) a man faces after he experienced a great loss.

Amazon's 'Manchester by the Sea' and 'The Salesman' take home three Oscars | TechCrunch

21. Melancholia depicts the destruction of the world from a depressive ill woman’s perspective.

Is Melancholia the greatest film about depression ever made? - BBC Culture

22. Midsommar is about the struggles of a college student whose entire family was murdered.

Midsommar' explained: The filmmakers unpack the sex, rituals and shocking ending - Los Angeles Times

23. The Hunt is an R-rated horror film because of the copious amounts of blood and gore it features.

The Hunt' Review - Variety

24. Mary And Max have both positive and negative aspects and switch from beautiful to haunting, whimsy to tragedy real quick.

Watch Mary and Max | Prime Video

25. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas haunts everyone. The moviemakers kept the lead actor unaware of the gist of the story, and that’s why the ending was so soul-wrenching.

The most poignant quotes from The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas | Children's books | The Guardian

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