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4 Reasons The Incredibles Is Disney’s Best Animated Superhero Movie (& 4 It’s Big Hero 6)

4 Reasons The Incredibles Is Disneys Best Animated Superhero Movie 4 Its Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 and The Incredibles are both acclaimed animated superhero movies made under the Disney banner. But which one tops the other?

The Incredibles: A Better Globe-Trotting Adventure

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The entirety of Big Hero 6 happens within the confines of the fictional San Fransokyo. The Incredibles takes the Parrs trotting across the planet. At one point of time they are having dinner in a suburbia. The next thing you see they are halfway across the world, on a tropical private island launching giant robots into outer space.

Big Hero 6: More Powerful Message About Loss & Letting Go

Hiro hugs

It may be a kids’ movie. But that does not mean it cannot be sad. Big Hero 6 delivers hard on the emotional factor. Hiro’s brother dies early on, leaving a gaping hole in the young boy’s heart. Then we see Baymax do his best to keep Hiro from succumbing to the dark side, in the end giving up his life to save Hiro. Everything is so heart-wrenching and heart-warming at the same time.

The Incredibles: Better Superpowers

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The character design team that came up with the powers of the Parr family in The Incredibles should be given an award. Elasticity, super speed, super strength, invisibility and force-field generation – there were so many different powers. We aren’t even counting Jack-Jack and Frozone here.

Big Hero 6: Has A More Satisfying Conclusion

bh6 wormhole2

Big Hero 6 has probably the best ending of any animated movie, second only to The Iron Giant. Hiro had lost his brother. Baymax was his late brother’s only legacy. Having to let him go was a hard decision for Hiro to make. He did it anyway. But Baymax luckily returned when the chip was inserted into a second Baymax. We also got to see a Stan Lee cameo.

The Incredibles: Funnier

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Even after so many years, The Incredibles still makes us laugh. Some of its most iconic scenes have become legendary within the meme world. Remember when Lucius is looking for his super suit or when Dash put a thumbtack on the teacher’s chair? Even Jack-Jack himself is a meme still seen all over in social media.

Big Hero 6: Potential For More World Building

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Since Big Hero 6 is an actual superhero team in Marvel Comics, there’s a lot of possibilities for sequels and spin-offs. There are a lot many Asian superheroes and characters any sequel project could easily draw inspiration from. The Incredibles on the other hand do not have the same potential for world building.

The Incredibles: Better Action

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Overall the action in The Incredibles was way better than what we saw in Big Hero 6. Baymax, Hiro and the rest of the team worked in tandem to give us some beautiful action sequences. But they paled in comparison to the action scenes that involved the Parr family.

Big Hero 6: Lots Of Gadgets & Inventions

Hiro upgrades

Most of the characters we saw in Big Hero 6 are geniuses. Hiro created the microbots. Tadashi created Baymax. Wasabi created his laser laced plasma blades. Go Go’s Hyper Cycle and Honey Lemon’s Chem-Purse were also pretty cool gadgets. The Incredibles did not have such cool creations. They relied on sheer super powers.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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