5 Action Movies With Fresh Rotten Tomatoes Ratings

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Action movies are indeed entertaining and pleasing to watch. The adrenaline-inducing scenes and heart-pumping action bring total excitement and unstoppable thrill to fans and critics alike. Usually, action movies are for fans’ entertainment, but some also delighted film critics.


There must be a rubric for criticizing movies, and certainly, these movies have passed the criteria. Even though these kinds of action films are viewed as crowd-pleasers, they also received generally positive remarks from reviewers. Check out these popular movies that gained fresh ratings on Rotten Tomatoes:

Bumblebee (2018) – 93%

Bumblebee Hailee Steinfeld action movies


Michael Bay’s Transformers movies are usually the target of critics’ negative reviews. The films are generally designed to appease the fans and make lots of cash at the box office. But, surprisingly, Bumblebee just changed the whole game.

It made a lesser profit as compared to its predecessors, but it garnered high ratings and positive reviews, and critics praised Hailee Steinfeld’s outstanding performance. The movie is a reboot of the series with an 80s vibe and a moving story instead of plain action.

Spy Kids (2001) – 93%

Spy Kids action movies


Spy Kids is a family-friendly comedy movie filled with non-stop action scenes. It is basically tailored for kids, but adults can enjoy it as well. The movie is about two children who became spies to save their parents, who were ex-spies, from an evil mastermind.

It is a thrilling adventure with high-tech gadgets and out-of-this-world vehicles one would not believe they exist. It’s basically a film meant to be enjoyed and not taken seriously, and critics made some allowances for this and gave it a high rating, which is good.

Love And Monsters (2020) – 94%

Love and Monsters action movies


Love and Monsters premiered during the height of the pandemic and what people needed during those trying times is a good and fun action film to watch. It offered a sense of comfort that soon the world will recover and everything will be back to normal.

The story follows Joel Dawson as he ventures into a world full of monsters to find and save the love of his life. It may be a typical movie trope, but critics found it quite entertaining. Surprisingly, it even earned an Oscar nomination!

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) – 97%

Mad Max Fury Road


It seems like the fourth installment of the Mad Max series greatly appealed to the critics. Fans loved the gritty action scenes and very hot ambiance of the movie’s settings. Some fans even claimed it is quite low on substance but overcompensates on storytelling!

The plot follows tyrant Immortan Joe enslaving the survivors of the apocalypse in the Citadel. Imperator Furiosa helps five women escape with the help of Max Rockatansky. The giddy high-speed chase through the wasteland is where the thrill begins.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) – 97%

Mission Impossible Fallout


It appears that fans and critics have an unwavering love for the Mission: Impossible franchise. The latest movie, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, garnered high praises and positive reviews. Part of its success is the practical use of effects and not heavily reliant on CGI.

The plot centers around Ethan Hunt and the IMF team’s mission to protect the world yet again from another global threat. Indeed, this action-packed movie will push you to the edge of your seats!


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