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5 Actors Who Could Play Moon Knight In A Marvel Netflix Series

It has been rumored for sometime that Marvel TV wants to bring Blade, Moon Knight, and Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) into the MCU. It’s also been rumored that Marvel and Netflix have been wanting to bring in Moon Knight to the popular streaming service.

Marvel fans have been wanting for sometime for Moon Knight to come to the small screen given how much of a dark and ruthless character he is, not to mention he also possesses a multiple personality disorder. He roams the streets at night beating criminals to a bloody pulp. Imagine Daredevil or Batman but borderline crazy and homicidal.

Here are five actors that would be interesting to portray Moon Knight and his hardcore characteristics. Some of these actors you might have not considered or you might have so I hope some fans will keep an open mind:

1. David Giuntoli

Giuntoli who is the protagonist of the series Grimm. His character on Grimm “Nick Burkhardt” was a descendent of a line of hunters who fought supernatural forces. His character was able to make quick deductions about individuals and it was a very complex way of thinking to me. Moon Knight has multiple similarities to his character on Grimm, fighting supernatural forces and gaining his enhanced abilities from the Moon god known as Khonshu. The main difference is that Marc Spector has multiple personalities known such as Steven Grant and Jake Lockley. I feel like he has the capability of pulling off the multiple personalities of Marc Spector. Not to mention he slightly resembles the character from the comics.

2. Michael C. Hall

Most famous for his role of Dexter Morgan. His character on Dexter shows he can play an anti-hero who has the perfect blend of crazy and action for the role. All he needs to do is replicate his success as Dexter and play it in a similar but different manner.

3. Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin is also an actor who can play a textbook, rough-looking, tough guy, which would be essential for a terrific performance as Moon Knight. He has played many different roles such as his role as Derek Hale on Teen Wolf and Superman on The CW‘s Supergirl. He might just be able to pull off the aspects of Moon Knight’s crazy personality. Not to mention I’m sure he’d be interested in playing the role

4. Kit Harington

Harington who stars on Game Of Thrones has become a big name in the business right now. He is very good at playing the brooding and angry character. it is not hard to imagine that he could play an anti hero and he would be able to play the aspects of Spector’s multiple personalities.

5. Andrew Lincoln

Lincoln is famous for his role as Rick on The Walking Dead. I highly doubt will be able to play anything else right now. But he has proven he can play a character like Moon Knight with multiple personalities. Since Rick has teetered back and forth on the sanity scale.


What do you think of these choices? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by FandomWire Staff

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