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5 Anime That Gave Us A Better Look At Organized Crime Just Like ‘The Godfather’ Movies

5 Anime That Gave Us A Better Look At Organized Crime Just Like The Godfather Movies

The dark underbelly of today’s world – organized crime, is something many Hollywood movies have tried exploring. But several anime have also come close to hitting the bullseye.

Gungrave Is Style & Substance


Millenion is the world’s largest crime syndicate. Their power and influence is so huge they ar considered a superpower in their own right. Two friends – Harry and Brandon, manage to become a part of this crime syndicate. They quickly rise up the ladder and gain more power. Money and women flock in plenty to their pockets. But like every story about criminal empires, this one too is rife with betrayal. Harry soon grows jealous of Brandon and kills him. Brandon is brought back from the dead via a process called ‘necrolyzation’. Now back with a vengeance and with a sense of purpose, Brandon sets out to destroy Harry and the Millenion, the organization he was once the most loyal to.

Baccano! Is Bloody Enjoyable


In Italian, Baccano means a ruckus. And that is exactly the term we would use to describe the plot of this anime. The backdrop for this series is Prohibition Era of America. The story revolves around multiple crime families vying for more control and power. And also, since this is anime – there is alchemy and dark magic involved. Some of the Crime Lords have used these mystic arts to master immortality and cheat death itself. The anime is very, very violent. It leaves no stone unturned when it comes to showering the viewers with blood sprays and splatters. Assassins, thieves, bootleggers, and smugglers are the kind of people you see in this show.

Beastars Is Japanese Mafioso At Its Finest

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The anime about anthropomorphized animals has little to do with organized crime during the beginning of the show. But later on in the first season, the viewers get to see a different side of this world. Herbivores and Carnivores leave together but eating the former has been made illegal. Despite that, the Shishigumi – a crime family of lions, runs a black market operation that can get you anything money can buy, including sentient herbivores to eat. You would have never have imagined the dark alleys of crime could be this violent and brutal.

91 Days Is All About Revenge

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91 Days

The anime 91 Days takes place in the course of 91days. Angelo Laguso’s family is killed because of a dispute with Vanetti Family. Now Angelo must use all his cunning and smarts to conspire against the Vanettis by becoming a part of that family. His main objective is to take down the Vanetti’s operation from the inside and kill their patriarch – Vincent Vanetti. The anime is as real as it gets. There’s copious amounts of mafia politics and deep character development. You almost feel sad for mafia members after watching this series.

Gangsta Pulls No Punches When It Comes To Dark Realism


If you want a truly grim and dark crime drama, you cannot go wrong with Gangsta. The series gives you exactly what it promises – a raw, bleak world where the strong prey on the weak and everything is run by the criminal underground. Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown are two “Handymen” who take dirty jobs in the criminally rife town of Ergastulum. The cops are rotten to the core and drug trafficking and prostitution is prevalent. The anime does have some fantastic action sequences though.

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