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5 Avengers Who Aren’t in any Marvel Game (&5 X-Men We Wish Were)

There have been many X-Men video games released over the years. Marvel’s Upcoming Avengers shows just how dedicated Marvel to give the Avengers the video game spotlight. Sadly, neither of these Avengers or the X-Men has managed to be a part of this.

P.S: Only PC/Console Games have been considered.

Avenges: Jack of Hearts

Jack Hart met with an accident involving an experiment with a mysterious substance called Zero Energy Liquid. Hence he was forced to wear a suit to contain his powers from growing beyond control and destroying everything. The suit was designed to represent the Jack of Hearts and Jack Hart adopted the same name as his superhero code name. Jack of hearts helped the Avengers defeat Kang during the intergalactic Kang War. A long-time member of the Avenger, Jack of Hearts sacrificed him-self by committing suicide when his powers were being manipulated to turn him into a walking bomb to take down the Avengers.

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X-Men: Sunspot

The X-Men have had the luxury of being featured in multiple video games. Some would say the X-Men video games are better than the Avengers games. Even though there are dozens of X-Men games to play, Sunspot aka Roberto da Costa has not even appeared in one of them. Da Costa is a mutant with the ability to absorb solar energy, using it to fire up his physical attributes and giving him energy manipulation powers. Alongside Cannonball, Sunspot was chosen to become a member of the New Mutants team. That was during Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men run. He would then lead his own team of superheroes and used his massive fortune to buy out A.I.M and turn it into a force for good.

Avengers: Shang-Chi

DC has Karate Kid. Marvel has Shang-Chi. Marvel Comics’ resident master of martial arts, Shang-Chi appeared first in the year 1973. He is the son of the super villain Fu Manchu and worked as an assassin for his father. Years later, Shang-Chi would realize the error of his ways and defect to the Avengers. He would officially become a part of the Secret Avengers, joining the team during the ‘Avengers World’ comic book arc. Marvel Studios is already making a solo Shang-Chi movie titled Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Although he is about to make his live action appearance, the character has not appeared in a video game adaptation yet.

X-Men: Legion

David Haller is the son of Charles Xavier. He is an Omega Level Mutant with nearly limitless amount of abilities ranging from pyro-kinesis to time travel. Haller has a fractured psyche. He has multiple personalities living inside him and he gains abilities depending on which personality is dominant at that time. Legion was responsible for traveling to the past and creating the dreaded Age of Apocalypse timeline by killing Professor X. He has been a foe as well as a friend of the X-Men.

Avengers: Spectrum

Monica Rambeau was the first Marvel Superhero to use the moniker Captain Marvel. She is the predecessor of Carol Danvers within that mantle. Rambeau joined the Avengers after the death of the original Captain Mar-Vell, a Kree Soldier that defected and sided with Earth against his own people. Rambeau soon turned out to be a valuable asset on the field. She became one of the most powerful members of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. After giving up the Captain Marvel mantle to Carol, Rambeau adopted the new superhero code name – Spectrum. She has the ability to access any energy form within the electromagnetic spectrum. Monica can even transform into a form of pure energy and is basically invincible, incredibly fast, and pretty much immortal in this state.

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X-Men: Armor

Hisako Ichiki is a lesser known mutant superhero. Her power allows her to access the energies of her ancestors and create an armor made out of pure psionic energy. This armor is invulnerable to every substance except Wolverine’s Adamantium claws. Ichiki has appeared in several major X-Men comic book arcs. She is one of Wolverine’s trainees, having learned the art of being an X-Man ever since she made her presence felt in the Astonishing X-Men arc. Hisako represents the next generation of mutant superheroes. It is a shame she is not there in any video game.

Avengers: Doctor Druid

Doctor Druid is a sorcerer. While he does not look as heroic as Brother Voodoo or Doctor Strange, Druid has been an integral part of the Avengers. Doctor Druid could only be seen in the comic books though. He is yet to be seen in any video game adaptation. There might be a reason why. In the comic books, Doctor Druid went insane and murdered many Avengers after betraying the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in a previous arc. He still has many stories to tell and has a unique set of abilities. Druid’s history with the Avengers runs deep. Marvel should give the balding sorcerer a chance.

X-Men: Sage

One of the hottest X-Men members, Sage was placed as a spy by Professor X deep undercover within the Hellfire Club. The truth about her pivotal role in bringing down the club was only brought to light when she officially joined Storm’s Xtreme X-Men during their hunt for the Destiny Diaries. Sage is a biological super computer. She has telepathic abilities and enhanced perception of his surroundings. She is also one of the very few mutants who can sense and jump-start the X-Gene.

Avengers: Sersi

Sersi is a member of the powerful race of Eternals, an evolutionary off-shoot of humanity that was experimented upon by the Celestials. The Eternals are Godlike beings with amazing powers of energy manipulation. They can use their abilities to enhance all of their attributes or focus on enriching one of their skills at the cost of others. Sersi has focused her energy manipulation skills on matter transmutation. She is able to control things and manipulate them at a molecular level. Sersi is also capable of accessing cosmic energy and using it to fire energy blasts and for a variety of other purposes. She will be played by Angelina Jolie in the upcoming Eternals movie.

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X-Men: Vulcan

Vulcan is the brother of the X-Men Cyclops and Havok. Of the three Summers siblings, Vulcan is the most powerful. Gabriel Summers has the power to absorb and manipulate limitless amount of energy. He was once recruited as an X-Man but after a disastrous first mission, Vulcan was the sole survivor of his team. Professor X would erase the incident form everybody’s mind. Gabriel ended up in space, trying to overthrow the Shi’ar Empire and become its new leader. He succeeded. Known mostly for his tyrant leadership of the Shi’ar, he recently became a part of the X-Men on Krakoa.


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