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5 Celestials We Are Prepared to See in Eternals

If Marvel release dates were ordered by anticipation, Spider-Man: No Way Home would be the next project dropped. However, Eternals is the next movie set to release from the Marvel Cinematic Universe on November 5, 2021. Directed by Chloe Zhao, Eternals has faded into the background of upcoming Marvel movies, in part due to the massive hype of No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness. The multiverse is coming to the MCU and naturally, audiences are itching for more content like Loki, which dealt heavily with multiversal topics.

I am here to tell you that Eternals is going to have just as much impact on the MCU as both No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness. While NWH and MoM deal with the future of the sacred timeline, Eternals takes us back to the past.

We were first introduced to the concept of Celestials in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II. The Collector shows Peter Quill and Gamora an image of Eson the Searcher wielding the Power Stone while on the planet Knowhere, the severed head of an ancient celestial. Additionally, Peter’s father is a pesky Celestial known as Ego the Living Planet, who (in addition to being an entire planet) spent several millennia disseminating his evil plants across the galaxy. If you’re thinking, “These guys don’t sound all that good,” then you are absolutely correct.

On that note, let’s get into the 5 Celestials we are prepared to see in Eternals.

Arnhem the Judge (Confirmed by trailer & director)Looks like the Latest trailer of "Eternals" has introduced us to "Arishem the Judge" a member of the Celestials: marvelstudios

We know Arishem will be arriving in Eternals thanks to a quote from director Chloe Zhao in which she states Arishem will be the prime Celestial, and that he is the Celestial who instructed the Eternals not to interfere in human conflicts. Arnhem is one of the most powerful Celestials in the comics (he led all Four Hosts) and looks to be bringing that power into the MCU.

Jeremiah the Analyzer (confirmed by trailer)

Jeremiah is an important Celestial, as it is his job to track the progression and endeavors of the many civilizations on which the Celestials experiment.  As his name states, Jemiah analyzes samples obtained from his Celestial buddy Gammenon the Gatherer. Jeremiah was present during the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Hosts of Earth. He stands at over 2000 ft. tall.

Nezarr the Calculator

Nezarr the Calculator (Character) - Comic Vine

Nezzar was a member of the Celestials who participated in the Fourth Host of Earth. Nezzar once had his arm cut off by The Destroyer from Thor, wielding the Odinsword, though like most celestials it regrew immediately. The faction of Celestials who battled with The Watchers also includes Nezzar.

Tiamat the Communicator (The Dreaming Celestial)

Who is Tiamut in Marvel Comics? - Quora

Tiamat the Communicator was the Celestial capable of notifying the Fulcrum of the Celestials’ findings. He was attacked, betrayed, and imprisoned under a mountain by his fellow Celestials during the Second Host of Earth. Tiamat eventually re-awoke and decided to judge humanity by his own standards, rather than those of his Celestial counterparts.

The One Above AllWho is more powerful in Marvel comics: Odin or the One Above All? - Quora

The One Above All is the leader and most powerful of all Celestials. He is rarely seen or encountered by anyone, though he has been known to have a run-in with Thor in the past. The most interesting fact about One Above All is that he is uncharacteristically emotional for a Celestial.

These are the 5 Celestials I believe are the most plausible to be shown in the upcoming Eternals movie. Follow @fandomwire and @realslimblaney to discuss more the movie!



Written by Garrett Blaney