5 DC Characters That Can Be Cut From Injustice 3 and 5 That Need To Appear

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As recently The Clown Prince of Crime had been introduced in the Mortal Kombat 11 game series, fans are on the verge of thinking that Injustice 3 is about to be released, but that’s not soon enough.


Many characters take space in the injustice series, and it’s better to chop them and make space for some new characters for the third installment.

Recently The Nether Realm complemented that the Injustice series has been a great help to the DC universe, to reach its possibilities, that it has not reached anywhere outside its mythological comic book series.


With the Injustice series, we all have experienced some of the best storylines, like Superman becoming evil, the cosmic threat from Brainiac, and the death of Lex Luthor.

Back in 2013, when Injustice was released, it was awarded “Best Fighting Game” by the Game Critics Awards. 

Today at Fandom Wire, we have decided to make a list of characters who should connect to this roller-coaster ride in the third installment, and some that need to be chuck down from the series. Sounds interesting; let’s hop into it without wasting any more time!


1. We Might No See Deadshot:

2. Fingers Crossed For Plastic Man:

3.No More Of Firsestorm:


4. Fingers Crossed For Huntress:

5. No More Of The Telepathic Gorilla Grood:

6. Killer Croc Could Be There:


7. Cheetah Would Be Retiring:

8. Zatanna Zatara Could Possibly Join:

9. Retirement’s Come Early For Robin:


10. Fingers Are Crossed For Rorschach:




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