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5 Fan-Favorite Rom Coms With Low Rotten Tomatoes Ratings

People love watching rom coms, but it seems like critics don’t fancy them that much. Romantic comedy movies, most commonly known as rom coms, are fun and entertaining to watch. On days when you just want to cozy up in bed and watch something light on TV, this is our go-to genre.


There are many successful rom coms released over the past few years, and it seems that these movies have captured both fans’ and critics’ fascination. However, some fan-favorite chick flicks were surprisingly rated low. Here’s a list of the popular rom coms that received low scores from Rotten Tomatoes:

Mamma Mia! (2008) – 55%

mamma mia rom coms

It is quite shocking to see a low rating for such a good film. Mamma Mia! is one of the most entertaining movie musicals out there. Critics took it too seriously with comments such as ‘tacky’ and ‘cliché’. The film is clearly intended to be enjoyed, and not scrutinized.

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The plot is quirky, and the entire story is set on a summery island where the cast is meant to just sing and dance and welcome love in all forms. Romance is clearly present in the movie.

Letters To Juliet (2010) – 42%

Letters To Juliet rom coms

Picture this: quaint Italian landscapes, an aspiring writer, a handsome British lad, and a lost love story waiting to be found. Who would not enjoy something feel-good and, at the same time, tug at your heartstrings? The entire movie revolves around love.


Sophie goes on a vacation with her fiancée in Italy where she found a letter tucked in the famed Juliet’s balcony. She responds to the letter and soon meets an old woman and her grandson. Basically, Sophie helps the woman find her long-lost lover.

Confessions Of A Shopaholic (2009) – 27%

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Spending too much money can be a bad habit that is difficult to manage. If you are privileged enough to have wealthy parents or a fancy job that enables you to afford luxuries, then money is no big deal for you. You certainly have the whole world in your pocket.


But for Rebecca Bloomwood, this is a dilemma. She was rejected after applying for a fashion job, and she ended up being a finance writer for a magazine. The thing is, despite being a shopaholic, she writes so well that people loved it!

Practical Magic (1998) – 21%

Practical Magic

This enchanting movie revolves around two sisters from a family of witches, and how they deal with the everyday struggles of being different. There is plenty of romance here, yet still, critics seemed not so impressed about it.


Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock delivered a charming portrayal of their respective characters. Indeed, this movie is a perfect companion on spooky nights when the autumn season starts.

Bride Wars (2009) – 11%

Bride Wars rom coms

This is such a depressing score for a movie that is so fun and lighthearted to watch. Two best friends find themselves competing for a wedding date and venue that both of them had planned since they were kids.


Yes, the plot is somewhat predictable, but it’s supposed to be just-for-laughs and light lessons about love and friendship. Nothing too serious.

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