5 Favourite Storylines in The Big Bang Theory

One of the longest-running TV sitcoms, The Big Bang Theory has been one of the most successful sitcoms. It still is quite popular among fans, keeps getting new ones along the way. In the 12 seasons, the show has made its viewers laugh, learn and enjoy the everyday events happening in the life of the main characters. Throughout its run, TBBT had introduced the fans to several storylines that they just loved. Every season has had a storyline that was a fan favorite, here are the top 5 picks.

1. Penny and The Boys get to Know Each Other

Penny and The Boys The Big Bang Theory
Penny and The Boys get to Know Each Other

In the first season of TBBT, the viewers were introduced to the main characters and their bond. But one of the best bonding of the show, undoubtedly, was shared between Penny and Leonard, and Sheldon. Every fan loved the building chemistry between the remotely similar neighbors. While Leonard and Sheldon were scientists, Penny was an aspiring actress; yet the three managed to build a strong bond. By season 2, Penny became closer with the gang. And they built a bond, every fan just loves.

2. Howard meeting Bernadette

Howard and Bernadette of The Big Bang Theory
Relationship of Howard and Bernadette

Howard was seen from the start of the show as a desperate guy, who was after Penny. But upon being shown no reciprocation of his feelings from Penny’s side, he decides to move on and go on a hunt for a girlfriend. In season 3, when the guys return from the North pole, Howard started dressing up in gothic style to attract goth girls. When he fails in this attempt as well, he asks Penny to help him. That is how he meets his future wife Bernadette. We see a growth in Howard’s character than on.

3. Amy joining the Gang

Amy of The Big Bang Theory
A still from the Big Bang Theory

Amy was first introduced to us by the end of season 3 and was included in the group by season 4. But it wasn’t till season 5, that Amy got closer to the gang and felt like a part of it. Amy is one the most loved character among the TBBT fans and also her weird ways won hearts. In the same season, Sheldon and she became official. She also helped other relationships in the show grow.

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4. Howard returns from Space

Howar returns from Space
Howard’s Space Expedition

After his space trip, Howard is excited to be welcomed back as a hero. But the opposite happens, No one, even his close ones do not think of it as that much of a big deal as Howard does. He faces a transition from doing a unique task to coming back to living an ordinary life of a newlywed and dealing with his wife and mom together. And this one transition fans love to watch.

5. Sheldon’s Dream comes True

Amy and Sheldon
Nobel Prize Speech by Sheldon and Amy

TBBT fans have loved Sheldon throughout and ending the series with the storyline of him winning the Nobel Prize and that too with his wife on his side. There could’ve never been a better way to end the show. Sheldon and Amy win the prize and thank all their friends, which was something the fans loved.

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