5 ft 10 in Mel Gibson Gave Up on Pasta, Sugar and Potatoes to Stay Buff at 67: “It’s kind of boring”

5 ft 10 in Mel Gibson Gave Up on Pasta, Sugar and Potatoes to Stay Buff at 67: "It's kind of boring"

From starring in the post-apocalyptic dystopian action franchise to bagging the Academy Award for Best Director, Mel Gibson has had a long and successful career in Hollywood. Popular for his action roles, he has established himself as one of the best actors and directors in the industry over the years. Along with giving his best to his on-screen characters, Gibson has also made sure to look the part in his movies.

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson

However, when he was spotted buffed up outside of a Malibu gym in 2013, people started questioning the reason behind his physique. Many even claimed that the Machete Kills star could have taken steroids to get buffed up at his age. However, he denied such speculations, claiming that his body was the result of his hard work in the gym and was all natural.

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Mel Gibson’s Secret to Get Buffed Up at 57

The Internet went crazy after Mel Gibson was spotted all bulked up back in 2013. While many were impressed that he was able to keep up with his physique and health despite being 57 years old at the time, others were speculative about his condition. Soon it was claimed that the actor must have needed steroids to get in shape.

Mel Gibson in The Expendables 3
Mel Gibson in The Expendables 3 (2014)

However, he denied the claims during an interview with USA TODAY. The Oscar winner said that his physique was the result of his hard work and was all natural. “That’s just hard work, dude,” he said before mentioning that he is well aware of the side effects of steroids and would never use them.

“Have you seen the side effects of some of that crap? Forget it. That’s too scary,” he said. Gibson also shared that he had been working on his body for the past three months and followed a strict diet and workout routine at the time. He also claimed that it was the most extensive gym workout he had ever done.

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson

He cut off foods like pasta, sugar, and potatoes from his diet and started consuming more green vegetables and fish. But he did not seem to have enjoyed his time in the gym, as he noted that “it [was] kind of boring.” However, the boring factor of working out did not stop him from continuing it.

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Mel Gibson Continues to Work Hard on His Body

Before appearing at an event in the city of Glasgow last year, Mel Gibson showed off his physique and bulging biceps in a gym in Scotland. The Braveheart star shared that he visited Scotland after a long time and wanted to work out before joining his VIP dinner.

Mel Gibson in Glasgow

While visiting the gym, he met the owner of the gym, actor Patrick O’Brien. He is known for keeping a check on his gym visits and has also worked with celebrity personal trainer Sam Jackson. The celebrity trainer helped The Expendables 3 actor lose over 30 pounds in just eight weeks in 2018.

He shared that Jacson helped him to get rid of his “spare tire,” and called it, “pretty miraculous.” He said that he was feeling better, his back did not hurt anymore and shared that it helped him to sleep better after that. The actor reportedly continues to work out and avoids junk food and alcohol from his diet.

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