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5 Horror Games You Haven’t Played Since the Late 2010’s

5 Horror Games You Havent Played Since the Late 2010s

Great horror games came from the late 2010’s which we still haven’t forgotten, and don’t intend to. Here are the top 5 you haven’t played for awhile!


Hello Neighbor

This game became a quick sensation with its uncanny characters. It became a well-known horror-stealth game in 2016. In this game you will break into your neighbor’s basement, where he seems to be hiding something sinister. Sneak around the house to find the key to the basement door. Don’t run into your neighbor! You’ll regret it. Players loved the adrenaline pumping game-play and absolutely terrifying chases. What may be even scarier is the AI equipped in the game, capable of learning your moves to keep you on your toes.

hello neighbor
What is Mr. Peterson hiding?


Resident Evil 7

The latest release, Resident Evil Village has taken after Resident Evil 7 with a similar style of game-play. With the newest game coming out, it’s not hard to forget about its predecessor. This game managed to strike fear into us in 2017 with unnerving dark environments. Many have returned to RE7 after Village, and have commented how much scarier this game is in comparison to the most recent release. If you haven’t played this one in a few years, try it once again and see how it compares to the others.

resident evil 7
Before you play Resident Evil Village, make sure to replay RE7.

Layers of Fear

This is  one of the most petrifying games released in 2016. You play as a demented artist as he walks through his home in an attempt to finish his painting. Prepare yourself for unexpected jump scares that make your heart stop. The foggy, blood curling environment will trigger your fight or flight responses until you feel unable to move another step. Haven’t played this one in awhile? Step up to the plate and see if you are able to handle the pressure a second time around!

layers of fear
Believe me there are layers, and lots of them.

The Evil Within

Our list would not be complete without this popular horror game released in 2014. This game is played in third person as you follow the story of Sebastian as he is cast into a world of nightmarish creatures. This game was particularly popular for its time and was loved for its gory game-play and its ability to combine thrill and suspense at different points throughout the game. Some players argue that this game is better than Resident Evil 3, 4, and 5, due to its rawness. You might want to sit down and play this one again just to be sure they’re right.

evil within
Don’t question what it is, just shoot it!


Five Nights At Freddy’s.

FNAF is one of the world’s most widely recognized horror games out there, and has offered us up to 8 new games in recent years. However, it is important to remember the original. You will be playing as the security guard at a pizza place during the night time. Keep an eye on the cameras! You will be terrified to find out that there are huge, living animatronics jumping at the first chance to consume you. Make sure to go back and play the original Five Nights At Freddy’s before you head to the latest releases, and try not to jump out of your seat.

five nights at freddys
Whose your favorite animatronic from the original Five Nights at Freddy’s?


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Written by Emily Shadel