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It’s a Long Shot! – 5 Last Minute PlayStation Showcase Predictions

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FandomWire already has a list of PlayStation Showcase predictions which you can check out here, where we go over everything that we expect to see during tomorrow’s show. As solid as the eight predictions on that list are, this article will expand on some of the thoughts stated previously and offer five more last minute PlayStation Showcase predictions. More specifically, this list will not only include what will be announced, but also how it will be announced.

1. PlayStation Showcase Predictions: Sony announce that another first party title is dropping before the end of 2023.

Sony have a fairly strong line-up to carry them towards the end of the year, with Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 carrying the majority of the hype. However, in comparison to the PlayStation release calendar of other years, things are looking a little bare. This is why it seems highly likely that Sony will make the announcement that another first party title will come to PlayStation systems before the end of the year.

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The specific game in question is a bit more ambiguous. The two most likely candidates are Naughty Dog’s attempt at a standalone online title called The Last of Us: Factions, or Sucker Punch’s highly anticipated sequel to 2020’s fantastic Ghost of Tsushima. Both of these projects are almost guaranteed to be shown during the stream, the question is which of the two will be announced to be releasing this year, or could it even be both?

In terms of making PlayStation Showcase predictions, seeing TLOU: Factions during the stream is almost guaranteed.
In terms of making PlayStation Showcase predictions, seeing TLOU: Factions during the stream is almost guaranteed.

2. PlayStation Showcase Predictions: A Wolverine cinematic trailer will be shown and will feature The Incredible Hulk.

We all know that Spider-Man 2 is going to be shown by Insomniac at the Showcase. The game is due out in a few short months and things like a gameplay trailer or a release date haven’t really been provided yet, so clearly there will be a lot of focus on this title. However, it is notable that we have not seen anything from the other game that Insomniac are working on starring another Marvel superhero.

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Those of you who may not have read 1974’s The Incredible Hulk #181, may not be aware that the first appearance of Weapon X actually occurred in an issue of the big green guy’s book. He was initially portrayed as a bounty hunter hired by the Canadian government to take out Bruce Banner. To pay homage to this iconic introduction, Insomniac could show a cinematic trailer for their Wolverine game, showing a fight taking place between Logan and Hulk.

3. PlayStation Showcase Predictions: A Killzone reboot is announced, with Bungie at the helm.

Sony officially acquired Bungie in July of last year and since then the development team has likely been working on something for the Japanese platform holder. However, it is still unknown what that something is, leading many to speculate whether Sony are using the team known for developing innovative first-person shooters in order to fill the FPS shaped hole in their repertoire.

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Killzone is a franchise that Sony have done nothing with for an entire decade now. That IP has lay completely dormant since Killzone: Shadow Fall released in 2013 alongside the PS4. The Killzone series was initially conceived as a Halo killer and now, it could be the case that things have come full circle and the ex-Halo developers are now taking on a Killzone reboot.

What is Bungie making for Sony?
What is Bungie making for Sony?

4. PlayStation Showcase Predictions: Cory Barlog’s new science fiction IP is shown.

Sony Santa Monica enjoyed immense success with the release of God of War: Ragnarok at the end of last year and since then, all eyes have been on them waiting to see what they will do next. Will they revisit Kratos and take him into a different realm of mythology yet again, or will they choose to do something completely different?

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Although Cory Barlog both wrote and directed God of War 2018, he was only responsible for writing Ragnarok, with Eric Williams taking on directing duties. It has speculated that the reason for this may be due to Barlog working on another game alongside God of War and based on him changing his Twitter header to an image of the cosmos in 2020 and changing his location to Deep Space, it is fairly likely that Sony Santa Monica’s next title will be a sci-fi game and it may be officially revealed during the Showcase.

That is clearly the face of a man hiding something...
That is clearly the face of a man hiding something…

5. PlayStation Showcase Predictions: A Metal Gear Solid remake will be announced and will be sanctioned by Hideo Kojima.

Hideo Kojima is an icon in the world of video game development. He is responsible for giving the world one of the most iconic game franchises of all time and he continues to be a strong creative force within the industry. Last year’s Game Awards show gave us the official confirmation that a sequel to the divisive Death Stranding is in the works and it is almost a certainty that a trailer for the game will be shown during tomorrow’s Showcase.

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Although that may not be the only time that we see Kojima-san appear during the show, in fact he may even bookend the showcase. After providing the stream with an explosively trippy opening showing Death Stranding 2, he could appear onscreen again at the end of the show in a short video introducing the heavily rumored remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and announcing that while he will not be directing the remake, he will partake in its production in an advisory role.

Getting Kojima’s seal of approval would mean a lot to long time MGS fans.
Getting Kojima’s seal of approval would mean a lot to long time MGS fans.

And that completes our list of last minute PlayStation Showcase predictions. Do you have any last minute predictions for tomorrow’s stream? If so then feel free to hit me up on Twitter @DanBoyd95 to let me know. Also, be sure to follow FandomWire on Twitter and stay tuned to the itself site too, as we will be providing live coverage of the event as announcements are made.

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Written by Daniel Boyd

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